How to Play Mr Jack: New York Board Game: Rules & Review

Here's always the biggest question for gamer couple: why is it so difficult to have someone over for a game night? A board game for just two players is definitely the best and the only solution for you. Mr Jack in New York is a great quick tabletop game for everyone who enjoys playing a themed strategy game. Read on to find out how to play and what we think about the game!

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Category - Strategy

Difficulties - ★★★★☆

Players - 2 Players

Playing Time - 30 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 14+


  • 8 double-sided Character tokens in 8 different colours

  • 8 gold Character cards

  • 8 dark-blue Alibi cards

  • 1 double-sided Witness card

  • 1 game board

  • 1 Turn marker

  • 1 double-sided Informant token

  • 4 double-sided Building site tiles

  • 7 double-sided Metro entrance tiles

  • 6 double-sided Gaslamp tiles

  • 2 Investigation tiles

  • 2 transatlantic Steamer tiles