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How to Play Sagrada Board Game: Rules & Review

Have you been to Sagrada Familia while you are in Barcelona, Spain? The construction of this cathedral started in 1882 and it's still not yet finished. In this Sagrada board game, you are invited to be an artist to create the most beautiful stained glass window in this grand cathedral. Let's help building it together! Read on to find out how to play!

Sagrada Board Game

Category - Strategy

Difficulties - ★★★★☆

Player Count - 1-4 Players (Expansion Pack 1-6 Players)

Duration - 30-45 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 10+


  • 90 Translucent Dice in 5 colours (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple)

  • 4 Player Boards for Dice Placement

  • 12 Double-sided Window Pattern Cards

  • 12 Tool Cards

  • 15 Objective Cards - include 10 Public & 5 Private Objective Cards

  • Dice Bag

  • Round Track

  • 4 Score Markers

  • 24 Favour Tokens

  • Rule Book

How to Win

All players score points based on the Public Objective Card, their own Private Objective Card and Favour Tokens after 10 rounds. The highest scoring player will be the winner!

Sagrada Board Game

Player & Game Setup

Player Setup

  • Shuffle all the cards well. Each player will then be given 1 Private Objective Cards. Take a look and keep it secretly.

  • Take 1 Player Board and choose 1 Window Pattern Card out of 2 that are randomly given to you. Decide which side to play with.

  • Take Favour Tokens - the numbers of Favour Tokens you can get depends on the difficulty of the Window Pattern Card which indicated at the bottom of the card.

  • Slide the Window Pattern Card that you selected into the Player Board.

  • Pick the matching Score Marker for End Game Scoring.

Game Setup

  • Place the Round Track at the top of the play area.

  • Randomly place 3 Tool Cards and 3 Public Objective Cards face up in the centre of the play area.

  • Set aside all remaining cards.

  • Put all dice into the Dice Bag.

Sagrada Board Game

How to Play

Players will take turns to choose a dice from the Draft Pool then place it on their Window Pattern Player Board each round. The Start Player pulls dice out of the Dice Bag depends on the number of players: always pull two dice per player, plus 1 additional die as spare. Roll the dice to form the Draft Pool. Easy, right? Remember, there are some several Dice Placement Restrictions to be followed such as matching colours and values.

On a player's turn, they may choose to select 1 dice from the Draft Pool and place it in an open space on their Window, and/or use 1 Tool Card by spending Favour Tokens. Each action is optional. They may choose not to take any action as well.

Dice Placement Restrictions

  • The first die must be placed on an edge or corner space of the Window.

  • Every other die must be placed next to any previously placed die on the same row or column.

  • Dice may never be placed next to a die with same colour or value.

  • The die must match the colour or value restriction of the space. White spaces have no restrictions. Therefore, any die may be placed on a white space as long as the Dice Placement Restrictions are followed.

Tool Cards allow you to break some of the Dice Placement Restrictions and rules during your turn. In order to use a Tool Card, you may spend 1 Favour Tokens for any first use of an unused Tool Card, or 2 if the card has already been used for the first time.

End of Round

Place all remaining dice on the Round Track to indicate the number of completed rounds. Do note that multiple dice may be discarded due to players skipping a draft action. The Dice Bag will then pass clockwise to the next player for the next round.

End of Game - Scoring

The game ends at the end of the 10th round. It's time for End Game Scoring! Players may gain Victory Point (VP) when they fulfil several objectives from the Public Objective Card, their Private Objective Card and the unspent Favour Tokens. Players will lose 1 VP for each open space without a dice on their window. The highest scoring player is the winner!


Floodgate Games Sagrada is probably one of our favourite board game at all times. The game itself is fun to play. The packaging is stunning. We consider it as a beautiful board game collective for all gamers. It's definitely worth buying - expansion pack, we are coming!



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