How to Play UNO All Wild! Card Game: Rules & Review

We believe that everyone may have played the classic UNO card game for many times already; but have you tried the latest version of UNO playing card game: UNO All Wild! Card Game? In this version, every single card is a Wild card. Some new Wild Action Cards are added into the game and give a fun twist to it. Let's see how we can play with that!

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Category - Family/Party

Difficulties - ★☆☆☆☆

Players - 2-10 Players

Playing Time - 10 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 7+


  • 112 Cards

  • Instructions

How to Win

Be the first player to get rid of their cards. At the end of game, the player who has the lowest points overall wins!


Shuffle all the cards well and deal 7 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards face down in the centre of the table to form a Draw Pile. Flip over the top card of the Draw Pile and put it next to it to start the Discard Pile. Ignore the action if the first card is a Wild Action Card.

How to Play