How to Style your Instagram Picture with Gift Flowers HK 為你的照片增添一點美

Can you imagine how the world is like without flowers? We can’t survive without flowers, not even our photos. Flower has become one of the most Instagram-worthy item to be taken pictures of/with. If you are fond of flowers, why not having a perfect selfie with them? I'm sure they will make your profile picture a little fancier, and a lot more fascinating. So now, let's see what you can do with one of the best online florist in Hong Kong - Gift Flowers HK.

世界上如果沒了花,到底會成什麼樣了?我們不能沒了它,更不要說我們的照片了。現在花已經是其中一樣最值得打卡的東西了!要是你喜歡花,那為何不多拍一些跟花的自拍呢?我覺得這樣的大頭貼肯定很美很好看!現在就來看看香港數一數二的網上花店 Gift Flowers HK 能為你帶來什麼吧!

First thing first, what flowers and which styles should you go for? Gift Flowers HK offers a wide range of flowers for you to choose from, not only a various species of flowers from roses and lilies, to tulips and orchids, but also a few types of flower styles from bouquets and boxes, to vases and flower stands. It really is difficult to think about what flowers you should get but here's some tips for you!

第一件需要考慮到的事情便是花種和款式的選擇了。Gift Flowers HK提供多種花藝,任君選擇。不單只有玫瑰、百合、鬱金香或蘭花等花種的選擇,你還可以選購不同的款式,例如花束、花盒、花瓶,甚至花牌。選擇用來打卡拍照的花絕對不是一件容易事,現在就讓我跟大家分享一些小提示吧!

新款 NEW Mini Hydrangea Bouquet 迷你繡球花束 $499

Choosing your favourite outfit to match the flowers

If you are not so sure what your favourite flower is, think about your outfit first. Choose light toned bouquet for your darker outfit, and vice versa. So basically, make a contrast between your outfit and the flowers, or you would just blend yourself in with it! HAHA!



Looking for a perfect photo spot

The best things in life are free! You don't really have to pay to take nice pictures. There are so many beautiful picture perfect locations in Hong Kong that you should go: Central harbour front, Kowloon Walled City Park, flower market, and anywhere that are free to go...



More bouquet styles 更多花束推介:

Romantic Tulips Bouquet 浪漫鬱金香花束 $599 - $699

Native Bouquet 原野風情花束 $999

Pretty in Pink 紅粉佳人 $1,099

新款 NEW Radiant Sunflowers Box 燦爛太陽花花盒 $599

Posing for photos like nobody's watching

Don't be shy! Be Confident! That's the secret to a perfectly posed picture! You should always aim for the most "natural" poses, like a not-looking-straight-to-the-camera look, or pretending that you didn't even know somebody was taking a picture of you. Trust me! This works really well.



Playing around with colours

There's always a certain matching colour pattern for every single style. So if you like bold style, you should make the colour theme as contradictory as possible, like matching yellow with blue or green. Consider matching similar colours like pink with purple if you prefer a cute style, as this will make your picture's colour tone softer and more elegant.



More flower box styles 更多花盒選擇:

Delicate Dancer 精緻舞者 $799

Pink Angelus 粉紅天使 $899

White Melanie 白色戀曲 $1,299

新款 NEW Pink Roses & Baby Breath Bouquet 粉紅玫瑰配滿天星花束 $799

(Vase option is not available for this style 此花款並不包括花瓶)

Placing your flowers at the right spot

This is very important as you do not want your flowers to be placed somewhere that is totally invisible to you, or even somewhere to block your way, (especially your face, right?) So to make this right, make sure you either place your vase of flowers with a plain background to make it stand out, or have it placed with a colourful background to make the picture richer. Everywhere could be the right spot!



Taking pictures at different angles

Try taking pictures with flowers at different angles from the top and bottom, to the left and right. Your pictures could look very different from different perspectives, as the flowers never look the same at any angles! This just makes your pictures increasingly fresh and fun!



More vase styles 更多花瓶款式:

Gerberas with Vase 太陽菊連花瓶 $399

Mixed Tulips in Vase 色彩鬱金香連花瓶 $799 White Orchids with Vase 白蘭花連花樽 $1,399

The photos wouldn't be the same without flowers.


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