I'm Always Hungry in Hungary 吃不夠的匈牙利之旅

Well, if you know me well enough, you should know that I literally always feel hungry. I felt a lot hungrier when I was in Hungary though. Nothing is better than having a proper meal in a decent restaurant. Let me show you what I've eaten when I was in Budapest, and see if you'd feel a bit hungry too after reading this?

如果你認識我,應該就會發現我是真的經常肚子餓。我在匈牙利的時候,就感覺好像更餓了一點,可能是因為走路太多的關係吧。所以當然要去一些好的餐廳吃飯,好好對待自己一下!現在我要跟大家分享一下我在Budapest 布達佩斯吃到的美食吧!看完你們會不會也覺得餓了?

Halászbástya Étterem

Budapest, Budai Vár, Halászbástya Északi Híradástorony, 1014 Hungary

This restaurant is actually just located right next to the famous Fisherman's Bastion in Buda area. I was here at night and I was prepared to "pay for the view". However, the view from the restaurant wasn't as spectacular as I thought. So don't expect to see anything from the inside as the trees nearby blocked almost everything... LOL The service was totally amazing, and the food was beyond tasty. I'm not exaggerating it but I guess I'd say it's worth what I paid for. The atmosphere here was lovely, and I loved how the musician interacted with us. Let's talk about the food I had. I chose the mushroom soup as my starter and I'm so glad that I did. The taste was so rich and I loved how they poured the soup in front of me... haha. I just feels like a show to me but I guess they just wanted to make sure the egg yolk wouldn't be overcooked. My main course was a slow-cooked pork belly with shrimp. The meat itself was so soft and tender. It's also so filling. I selected a dessert called "Smoking Chocolate" because I found the name so interesting. I guess they named this dessert like that since it looks like a cigarette. It's actually nothing but a chocolate mousse. It's always a good idea to have dessert after a proper meal! Everything was just perfect.

這家餐廳其實就在有名的Fisherman’s Bastion 漁夫的堡壘的旁邊。我晚上來到這餐廳,看到價格,本來還以為是包含了看景的價格,結果進去後發現,沒看到什麼景,因為外面的樹都擋住了⋯⋯ 所以不要期望在這裡能看到些什麼哈哈。這裡的服務非常好,食物也超級好吃。我沒有誇張,但是我真的覺得物有所值。這裡的氣氛很好,在這裡一待就待了兩三個小時了。我點了蘑菇湯當前菜,這個湯味道很濃郁,而且我很喜歡他們在我面前「表演」倒湯哈哈。因為這樣子,裡面的蛋黃不會老,特別好吃!我點了一份慢煮豬腩肉配蝦當主菜,肉質非常柔軟,很美味!吃完飯後就當然要吃甜點啦!最後我還點了一個甜點叫做「功克力煙」,我是看到名字後覺得很有趣所以點了,但其實就只是一個像煙一樣的巧克力慕斯。一切都很完美!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★★

New York Café

Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073 Hungary

Everyone was so crazy about this cafe in Budapest because it looks so grand and gorgeous. So I finally came here and see if I would be the same as well. I was here in the morning around 10 and it was super busy. Although the waiting time wasn't that bad, every single table was taken. I think this cafe is really beautiful, but I just don't feel like I could stay here long and enjoy my breakfast slowly. I ordered their signature dessert set which was a chocolate cake and a hot chocolate. I love the cake so much. I love how they styled it. It's super tasty and chocolatey. However, I think their hot chocolate was too strong to me. I just felt like I was drinking a chocolate sauce or so... maybe that's why it comes with a huge cup of sparkling water... I actually finished only 1/3 of the hot chocolate, and I never found so much "tasty" a sparkling water could be... LOL

這家咖啡廳在布達佩斯非常火!可能是因為這裡的裝潢很雄偉,就像一個宮殿一樣。所以我要親自來看看這裡到底是不是真的很值得要來!我在早上十點來到這裡, 雖然等候的時間沒有太長,但是人很多,可以說是到處都滿座了。這裡的確是很漂亮,但是在這麼忙碌的地方吃飯,感覺就是不能待太久,也沒辦法好好地享受。我點了一份招牌甜點套餐,裡面有一個功克力蛋糕和一杯熱巧克力。我特別喜歡那個功克力蛋糕,裡面有夾心很不錯。但是我覺得他們家的熱巧克力太濃了,味道是可以的,但是就好像是在喝功克力醬一樣⋯⋯ 可能也是因為這樣,所以套餐裡面還有一杯大大的有汽水。最後我也只喝下了三分之一,而且我從未有覺得過有汽水能這麼的好喝!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

P.S. I actually went to one of the worst restaurants that I had been to in my life when I was in Budapest but I don't want to waste my time to review it... but please, feel free to ask me which one it was so that you could avoid it. Anyway, have fun and enjoy being hungry in Hungary!

備註:其實我在布達佩斯還去了一家在我人生中最難吃之一的餐廳,但是我並不想浪費時間在它身上⋯⋯ 但是如果你們想要知道是哪家的話,一定要來問我!好啦,希望你們在匈牙利可以好好享受肚子餓的感覺吧哈哈!

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