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It’s Pancake Tuesday!

Do you celebrate "Pancake Day"? This day is also known as Shrove Tuesday. Although it's more a religious thing, I guess everyone has an extra excuse to eat pancakes on this specific day now! I eat pancakes whenever and wherever, as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even anytime for desserts! I am gonna show you some pancakes that I had around the world "recently", by this I mean within half a year, haha! 

This could be my favourite restaurant from among the others here. I went there because I saw a picture of their pancakes online. I would really love to try them so I ordered. But you know what, these cutie pancakes weren't actually available at night because it's only on the breakfast menu... They never disappointed me, they even told me that they could make one for me. I felt so blessed. Their service was amazing, the food was excellent and the restaurant is beautiful. Anyway, you would never feel disappointed when you go for their pancakes! It's a gem! 

Stebuklai | Gybeju g. 14, Vilnius 01109, Lithuania ★★★★★

Last Sunday I was in Montpellier and I bumped into this lovely cafe for a lunch. I didn't intentionally choose this cafe but most of the restaurants were closed on Sunday, and this is just something really normal in France... I was watching what most people got and they all went for the Weekend Special which was an Egg Benedict dish. But I guess I could always eat Egg Benedict when I came back to the UK so I ordered a sweet pancake, and a matcha latte instead. I liked the pancakes with the almonds and the maple syrup which made it so tasty. However, the cranberries were a bit too sour otherwise it would be a total perfect match.

Bonobo | 46 Rue Saint-Guilhem, 34000 Montpellier, France ★★★★☆

This Austrian shredded pancakes is definitely a must-have dish in Austria! It's freshly baked in a hot pan and served with stewed plums and apple puree. These shredded pancakes usually have raisins inside which aren't really like the American ones that we usually know of. I even tried it without the jams and it still tasted so good on its own. The price was reasonably cheap for a lunch dish, especially for "royal dessert", haha! 

Cafe Restaurant Residenz | Schloss Schonbrunn, Kavalierstrakt 52, 1130 Wien, Austria ★★★★★

This huge portion of pancake was less than 5 euro... I didn't finish the whole thing at the end because I ordered it as a dessert after I finished my main course. This is a Ukrainian restaurant so I guess this is something from Ukraine. However, the pancake itself to me is more like the crispy French Crepes version. I liked it very much! But I didn't really like the cream cheese inside... so I took it away and pretended that it was never there. LOL

Leleko | Gedimino pr. 49, Vilnius 01109, Lithuania ★★★★☆

I knew about this dessert place when I was just wandering around in a shopping mall. I wasn't even sure why there was always a long queue in front of their store but I knew it once I tried their desserts. I'd been here for a few times and I think their desserts are very good. I only rated this for a four-star as I think the pancakes didn't really give me a surprise, probably because I thought it would be more than just a "pancake". I would say, I will definitely go back to this place with a different option rather than paying that much for just some "pancakes", as their dessert is still a heaven to me.

Pan De Pain Pancakes & Sweets | B1/F, K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Shui, Hong Kong ★★★★☆

Enjoy your Pancake Day! I'm going to make my own pancakes now, see you all again soon!


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