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Kawaguchiko Travel Guide for Mount Fuji

The first thing that has come to our mind when travelling to Tokyo is to have a glance of the Mount Fuji; and the very first place to visit is undoubtedly Kawaguchiko. It is a stop for Lake Kawaguchi in the Mt. Fuji area. Lake Kawaguchi is one of the five Fuji Lakes in the region; it is the most popular travel destination for tourists during autumn, winter, and particularly the cherry blossom season in spring. Let's read on to discover more scenic places that you should go when you are in Kawaguchiko for Mount Fuji!

Kawaguchiko Station & its Neighbourhoods

We suggest that you could take a direct bus from Shinjuku station if you are coming from Tokyo. It takes less than 2 hours to reach to Kawaguchiko station from Shinjuku City. You will find that station very impressive with a backdrop of the famous Mount Fuji. This major public transport station and the neighbourhoods in the nearby offers stunning views of Mount Fuji. It is also home to many cute restaurants and souvenir shops. It is definitely a place that you wouldn't be able to miss out!

Fujisan Shokupan Bakery

Are you looking for some authentic special "souvenirs" to take home with? This bakery is best known for its iconic soft toast bread in Mount Fuji shape. However, their breads, pastries and cakes are made fresh daily without any preservation. It is best to consume them as soon as possible. So, consider them as your breakfast is also a great idea. It is only a few block away from Kawaguchiko station so don't forget to stop by before you leave!

Arakurayama Sengen Park

How can you leave the country without a proper "postcard picture" of your own? This beautiful scenic park is located on a hill which offers stunning overlooking views of the city, including Mount Fuji with the signature landmark Chureito Pagoda. Take the train to Shimoyoshida Station for this! If you are lucky enough to visit it during cherry blossom season in spring, you will absolutely be overwhelmed by this breathtaking view.

Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway & Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park

Take the cable car to reach Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park with ease and be surprised by its gorgeous panoramic views of Lake Kawaguchi, Mount Fuji and the surrounding area. This park features several hiking trails, observation decks, and a small shrine of rabbit and a raccoon dog. It is definitely worth your visit!

View from Tenjosan Komitake Shrine, Japan

Tenjosan Komitake Shrine

While following the hiking train to reach Tenjosan Komitake Shrine from the starting point in Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park, you will be able to see beautiful views of Mount Fuji and the surrounding areas in different angles. This shrine is located on a hilltop in the forest. It offers a very peaceful and serene atmosphere in the area. It was a lovely adventure and we certainly fall in love with our journey to the shrine.

Spa at Fuji Lake Hotel, Japan

Spa at Fuji Lake Hotel

Having a spring spa privately in front of Mount Fuji has always been a dream to us. You should certainly try this and you will never regret it. If you want a picture of it, consider booking a room with a private spring as you won't be allowed to take any pictures in a public spring spa. We absolutely enjoy our stay at Fuji Lake Hotel. It was a wonderful experience for sure.


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