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Looking at the Earth through UFO in Bratislava

Have you ever thought of being inside an UFO? I have never thought of this until I found this tourist attraction in Bratislava. This sounds interesting to me and I thought I should go up there and see what I could see up there. As I believe I wouldn't have a chance to really ride on a real UFO though... LOL

It was raining all morning and I was so worried if I could see anything from the UFO tower later in the afternoon. However, I was super lucky that it stopped raining and the blue sky came out! I have been to quite a few observatory towers and I think, from my experience, the best time of going up there is an hour/a half before sunsets. Therefore you will only need to pay one entrance fee for both day and night views, and you might sometimes be able to see sunsets if the sky was clear enough!

UFO Observation Deck | Most SNP, 851 01 Petrzalka, Slovakia

This observatory tower has a bar & restaurant inside which not only offers you food and drinks, but also a fantastic 360 degree view of Bratislava. I was here a bit early so I stayed here for a hot chocolate and waited until the sun was set. 

It is possible to go up here without entering into the restaurant if you are not planning to eat/drink. Make sure to wear more clothes, especially in winter time because it's going to be super windy up there! I felt like I was dying from coldness. LOL However, it's worth a visit because the view was amazing! 

I even tried a shot with 30 second exposure. You could even see the movement of the clouds and the traffics. I like it so much.

So, do you prefer a Bratislava view in daytime, nighttime or with a sunset?


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