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Lost in the "Concrete Jungle" Valletta

You definitely know why I got lost in Valletta if you have ever been there before. The whole city was built with the natural stones from Malta so basically everywhere looks the same to me. I'm just not so sure why they keep the original colour of the stone without painting them? To be honest, I think it's a bit unattractive... especially when you see the whole Valletta from far, all I can see is one single colour...

However, when you get closer, you will still be able to find a bit of colour on the doors and the Maltese balconies. Why are they Maltese? Well, That's because I've only seen these in Malta. I think they are very special and traditional, I could even find some "balcony" magnets in the souvenir shops!

I guess I like colourful stuff more. So I decided to go to the famous Upper Barrakka Gardens to see some beautiful and colourful flower. This place was amazing. It was so pretty with all the flower everywhere! You can find not only the best flower in town, but also the best spot for viewing Malta as a whole here. It was quite busy in the afternoon here so I suppose it'd be better to arrive here as early as possible in the morning.

Rabbit meat is popular in Malta so I thought I should give it a go. That was my very first time to eat rabbit and I honestly don't enjoy it that much. I found the taste a bit strange, it was like a different smell of chicken meat. Haha. I ordered a rabbit ravioli pasta and a seafood widow's soup. Widow's soup is also one of the traditional Maltese dishes but this one was slightly different because it had added seafood in it. I love it so much. It was so fresh, tasty and rich in flavour! The food here was definitely in a high standard, and I would like to come back to try more different things here if I ever visit Valletta again.

Rampila Restaurant | St. Johns Cavalier, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1110, Malta ★★★★☆

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