Make St Petersburg Your First Stop at Russia

The first city of Russia comes to everyone's mind is usually the capital Moscow. This could have been stuck into your brain for long but you should perhaps give St Petersburg a chance. If you ever need any reason that you should visit Saint Petersburg over Moscow as your first stop at Russia, here's why:

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Everywhere in St Petersburg City Centre is Walkable

Most attractions in the city centre of Saint Petersburg are within walking distance and it's very easy to be reached by public transports like subway and buses.

St Petersburg is not as Expensive as you Thought

Moscow is the capital of Russia and it's expected to be expensive. When comparing the average transportation fees, accommodation cost and restaurant bills, St Petersburg isn't that cheap but it's a lot more affordable than other big cities on earth.

The St Petersburg Metro is also an Attraction

The most convenient way to travel around St Petersburg is taking the subway. Not many metro stations in the world alone are as grand as a royal palace but their subway stations are definitely worth visiting. Look at the interior - the colourful ceiling and tiles will surely leave you a good impression of Russia. Here are the stations that you should check them out before you leave Saint Petersburg: Avtova, Bucharestskaya, Pushkinskaya, Sportivnaya and Zvenigorodskaya.

St Petersburg is Home to Many Beautiful Churches