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Our Time in Zurich

The time in Zurich and the time in the other side of the world has no difference. We all have 24 hours a day. But when I was in Zurich, I had the most relaxing 24 hours in one day: Crossing by the significant Fraumunster Church across the river, looking down the whole view of Zurich from a park, having a lovely lunch at a traditional Swiss restaurant and enjoying the sunshine at the biggest lake in town. I couldn't really ask for more but I would love to stay there forever. The living cost was way too high though... otherwise I would have done so.

What is the best place to see the gorgeous view of Zurich? The view from the river is fabulous but of course if you would like something else, you could always try Lindenhof. Here it offers you a view of Zurich like you could see it from an observatory desk, but the point is, it's totally free!

Another cheap and a fun way to "explore" a little bit of Zurich is to take the UBS Polybahn. It is a mountain cable car and it will take you to another stop in a second. I am saying explore with a quotation mark because you shouldn't really expect to see anything special while taking this mini cable car. But I would still recommend you to go onboard once because it's super fun. HAHA!

I found this restaurant when I was on the way back to the ground from Lindenhof. I thought I needed some good food and a good rest after walking the steep hill up and down. The restaurant looked very modern, and quite full at lunch time. The service was excellent. I ordered a shrimp salad and a Rosti (Swiss potato pancake). It was a bit surprised that I thought the Rosti would be nothing special, but it actually tasted very different to a hash brown. It's very crispy on the outside and quite mashy on the inside. I wonder how they made it. The sauce of the salad was brilliant. I think everything here was fantastic expect the portion was a bit small and the price was a bit high which doesn't really make sense. But it's Switzerland here so... LOL

AuGust | Rennweg 1, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland ★★★★☆

Zurich Lake is definitely one of the must-see attractions in Zurich. But the thing is, this lake is way too massive. I couldn't even see the ending point from one side. So my friend and I decided to go to Arboretum Park which is like the corner of the lake. There is a beach where you could still enjoy sunshine and have fun, and be able to take some nice pictures of the lake.

See you again next time.

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