Our Time in Zurich 在蘇黎世的每分每秒

The time in Zurich and the time in the other side of the world has no difference. We all have 24 hours a day. But when I was in Zurich, I had the most relaxing 24 hours in one day: Crossing by the significant Fraumunster Church across the river, looking down the whole view of Zurich from a park, having a lovely lunch at a traditional Swiss restaurant and enjoying the sunshine at the biggest lake in town. I couldn't really ask for more but I would love to stay there forever. The living cost was way too high though... otherwise I would have done so.

在瑞士Zurich 蘇黎世和在世界上的另一端的時間好像並沒有不一樣,我們都是擁有一天二十四小時的。不過我在蘇黎世的時候,就過了最享受的二十四小時:沿著河邊走走,看著著名的 Fraumunster Church 聖母教堂,從公園往下看著蘇黎世的全景,在一家傳統的瑞士餐廳吃午飯,在市內最大的湖泊享受陽光。我在這待著待著就不想走了,只可惜這裡的物價水平實在是太高了,不然我真的會在這永遠待下去喔。

What is the best place to see the gorgeous view of Zurich? The view from the river is fabulous but of course if you would like something else, you could always try Lindenhof. Here it offers you a view of Zurich like you could see it from an observatory desk, but the point is, it's totally free!

到底要到哪看蘇黎世的風景是最好的呢?其實在河邊看到的景色就已經很不錯的了,不過如果你想要一些不一樣的角度,那你可以去看看Lindenhof 林登霍夫公園。這裡看到的風景非常棒,就有如在觀景台上看到的一樣,可重點是免費的喔!

Another cheap and a fun way to "explore" a little bit of Zurich is to take the UBS Polybahn. It is a mountain cable car and it will take you to another stop in a second. I am saying explore with a quotation mark because you shouldn't really expect to see anything special while taking this mini cable car. But I would still recommend you to go onboard once because it's super fun. HAHA!

另外一個便宜又好玩的地方就是UBS Polybahn啦,這裡其實是一個鑬車站,坐一趟就能「探索」蘇黎世的一小部分了,而且超快就會坐完。要注意的地方是,在這個鑬車上,你並不能看到什麼東西,所以千萬不要期望太多。但是我還是很想推薦給你們去坐坐,因為真的是挺好玩的,哈哈!


Rennweg 1, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

I found this restaurant when I was on the way back to the ground from Lindenhof. I thought I needed some good food and a good rest after walking the steep hill up and down. The restaurant looked very modern, and quite full at lunch time. The service was excellent. I ordered a shrimp salad and a Rosti (Swiss potato pancake). It was a bit surprised that I thought the Rosti would be nothing special, but it actually tasted very different to a hash brown. It's very crispy on the outside and quite mashy on the inside. I wonder how they made it. The sauce of the salad was brilliant. I think everything here was fantastic expect the portion was a bit small and the price was a bit high which doesn't really make sense. But it's Switzerland here so... LOL

我從林登霍夫公園離開的時候,便找到了這家餐廳了。由於到公園的時候用光了力氣去爬,下來之後就趕緊想找個好地方休息一下和吃午飯。這餐廳看起來就很美,而且中午吃飯時間人很多,服務都很好。我點了一道蝦沙拉和一個Rosti 瑞士馬鈴薯薄餅。吃起來真的很有驚喜呢,本來以為是平平無奇的馬鈴薯薄餅,還以為不過就是英式薯餅那樣,結果吃起來外脆內軟,裡面還有點像薯泥喔。沙拉的醬也很好吃。我覺得整體來說都可以,就只是食物份量有點少,可是價格卻很高,不是很合理。不過我只能說這裡是瑞士呢⋯⋯

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

Zurich Lake is definitely one of the must-see attractions in Zurich. But the thing is, this lake is way too massive. I couldn't even see the ending point from one side. So my friend and I decided to go to Arboretum Park which is like the corner of the lake. There is a beach where you could still enjoy sunshine and have fun, and be able to take some nice pictures of the lake.

蘇黎世湖一定是其中一個必去的景點喔。但是這湖也太大了吧⋯⋯ 根本是沒辦法看到盡頭的喔。所以我和我的朋友就決定了要來到Arboretum Park 植物園,為了要去看看蘇黎世湖的一個小小的角落!這個公園裡面還有沙灘的喔,絕對是看湖和拍照的一個好地方啊!

See you again next time.


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