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Picture-Perfect Places to Go in Fortress Hill

Some believed that Fortress Hill is within the area of North Point, but we tend to believe that Fortress Hill stands on its own. This area is actually part of the Eastern district in Hong Kong. Although Fortress Hill might not be the first few choices of Hong Kong travel destinations for most people, this place is growing well and has become one of the most picture-perfect places in Hong Kong. Let's see where you can visit for your next social post!

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Fortress Hill Steps

1. Fortress Hill Steps

The iconic zigzag steps painted in a pastel blue patchwork style is the signature of Fortress Hill. It is located right next to Fortress Hill MTR station Exit A. While waiting for the traffic lights, you may take your time and make a social post for this insta-worthy spot. Everyone is going to recognise this place immediately.

Tin Hau Temple Road Garden No.3

2. Tin Hau Temple Road Garden No.3

Following the zigzag steps to the top, you will then reach to some residential areas. There's a beautiful hidden spot right inside a garden in the nearby. If you miss travelling to Japan so badly while you are in Hong Kong, this is the place for you. This small park resembles a stunning and peaceful Japanese garden that everyone is going to love it.

Oi! Street Art Space

3. Oi! Street Art Space

This historical red brick house is now being used as an art space and it's an art organisation that provide spaces for temporary art exhibitions and workshops. Not only the artworks are instagrammable, the architecture, and the environment are as picture-perfect as the exhibition they held from time to time.

East Coast Park Precinct

4. East Coast Park Precinct

This newly opened promenade park (phase 1) is a brand new attraction located at the harbourfront in Fortress Hill. Come to the scenic spot Central-Wanchai Bypass East Vent Shaft for a fantastic 180-degree view of Victoria Harbour. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to spot the sunset in a perfect sunny day, this is the place where you should take a seat, sit back and enjoy to mark your day complete.

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