Portraiture Drawing Experience in Paris 一試巴黎的街頭繪畫像

It seems like to be a good idea to have a portraiture done in such a romantic and artistic city - Paris; the best place in town for this would be Sacre Coeur. Oh I mean the area but not the basilica itself. When you see the basilica, you go up on the stairs, follow the path right next to it and turn left, then you will reach to Place du Tertre where it's a plaza with loads of souvenir shops, restaurants and art markets.


I would recommend you to come here at 12nn or after lunch time. My boyfriend and I were here at 11am and it was quite empty. Therefore, it would be better if I had come later in the afternoon so we would have had more choices (artists) to choose from.


We both wanted a portraiture of ourself, and a funny one of both of us. There's another artist next door so we had our single one first by a different artist at the same time. Their stall were very close to each other. It was 20 euro each. I think the price was quite reasonable and they both completed it in about 20 minute.


Well, look at mine... I was so jealous that my boyfriend got such a beautiful drawing. What happened to my glasses? Why aren't they the same size in both side? I'm definitely not happy with that but why is life not so fair? LOL Anyway, I liked my boyfriend's one so much so we asked him to do a funny one for both of us.

可是大家請看看我的⋯⋯ 我真的很羨慕我男朋友的那張怎麼可以這麼好看!然後再看看我的,到底發生了什麼事?為什麼連眼鏡的兩邊都不一樣的?我真的不是很滿意我的那一張,只是在想為什麼人生就是這麼不公平⋯⋯ 哈哈。不過因為我很喜歡我男朋友的那一張,我們便讓他再畫一張搞笑版的雙人畫像。

I think he is really creative and talented! I love this even more! He turned me into a flower and my boyfriend into a bee. My boyfriend in the picture is like chasing me forever... haha! He even drew the famous Eiffel Tower in it. This is literally the best souvenir we've got for ourselves from the whole trip.


An ultimate tip for everyone: if you found the right artist, even if you had to wait, you should wait for him or you just wasted your money...


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