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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Taking Pictures with Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

This Christmas we got a chance to visit the home of Santa Claus which is located in a small town Rovaniemi in Finland. We were so excited to see Santa Claus and we literally told the customs about that when they asked us about what our purpose to visit this village was... to visit Santa Claus! Eventually we were invited to take photographs with Santa Claus. We wish we could spend more time with him but unfortunately he was so busy inviting people to take pictures with him. It's sad but true that we weren't the only one who'd got the invitation...

The Unusual Sightseeing Experience on a Sledge

We don't usually recommend you to take a sightseeing tour bus when travelling. However, the "bus tour" here was super lovely and we loved our reindeer driver so much. Look at its butt! How cute it is! We totally enjoyed our time on the ride for around 15 minutes, which we also had a chance to take good pictures during the experience. We saw lots of Christmas trees (Yes, for us they all look like Christmas trees), the scene was too pretty that we once thought we were in a film. 

A Salmon Soup is All You Need in Winter

Last but not least, let us introduce you a dish that we tried here. It was a fish soup that was made with salmon and potato. It was super delicious and filling. A hot fish soup is definitely a must-try dish in Finland especially you need to keep yourself warm.

Restaurant Roka Street Bistro | Lh2, Ainonkatu 3, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland ★★★★★


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