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Scottish Highlands Tour Part I: Inverness & More

Inverness City Centre

In the first chapter of our Scottish Highlands Tour travel guide, we would like to welcome you to the capital of the Highlands - Inverness! This stunning city is best known for its beautiful scenery on the banks of the River Ness. It is highly recommended for all of you to stay in Inverness as the very first stop of your Highland Tour. Scroll down to discover more about the city today!

Greig Street Bridge, Inverness, UK

Greig Street Bridge - The Best View of Inverness

This gorgeous bridge is definitely a top sight to see in the city because it has fantastic views of Inverness, as well as the River Ness and the surrounding neighbourhood. The great spot to take a picture of it is to go on the Ness Bridge from the opposite side of Greig Street Bridge, where you will get everything in one picture for sure! Let's enjoy a walk along the river after dinner!

Inverness Town House, Highland, UK

Inverness Town House - The Heart of Inverness

When you are browsing around the city centre, the only thing that you shouldn't be missed is the Inverness Town House. This stunning beauty is a historic building located in the middle of Inverness. We simply love this eye-catching architecture very much. Don't you think it looks exactly like a Disney's castle in real life? Make sure you book a guided tour of the building so you get to learn more about it before you leave the city!

The Victorian Market, Inverness, UK

The Victorian Market - Souvenirs Shopping Paradise

If you'd like to shop at local boutiques, come to Victorian Market! This indoor market is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Inverness. It is much loved by both locals and tourists. The highlights of the market are its distinctive Victorian-era glass domes and ceilings, as well as many cute shops selling a huge variety of clothing, gifts and souvenirs. This market is no doubt a wonderful place for shopping.

Culloden Battlefield - A History & Culture Museum

The Culloden Battefield plays an important part in Scottish history and culture. This historic site is now a history & culture museum in the area. If you are interested in understanding more about this heritage, you should definitely visit the place. This spacious field is open to the public for free unless you want to visit the museum. Locals enjoy walking their dog in the park. It is certainly a great place to visit if you have spare time during your trip in the Highlands.

Clava Cairns - Well-preserved Bronze-Age Site

There is a prehistoric site called "Clava Cairns" near Culloden Battlefield. This place is a well-preserved Bronze-Age site with three large cairns from around 2500 BC. The site is best known for its stone architecture. The cairns are made with large standing stones and an outer ring. Would you call this place the "Stonehenge of the Highlands"?


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