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Seeing Monaco from Top

Most people go to Monaco from Nice, France like we did. This could probably the best and easiest way to get to Monaco. It only takes around half an hour by train and we do recommend you to go there this way. In hilly Monaco, most of our time there was walking up and down. It's not difficult to find some nice sightseeing points that you can see a spectacular Monaco from top. Let's discover more with us now!

Jardins de Saint-Martin - The Hollywood Movie Scene in Monaco

If you are looking for a Hollywood movie scene in Monaco, come to Saint-Martin Gardens! This garden, aka Jardins de Saint-Martin in French, is a peaceful hillside park by the sea, and it's only a few steps away to the Cathedral of Monaco Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Following a series of paths in the park then you will be able to find the south west face of the Rock of Monaco. This is the place where you see both the nature from the water and rocks to the manmade residential areas and the pier with boats.

Le Palais des Princes de Monaco - See Monaco as How the Prince Sees it

Sometimes you wouldn't believe that you could actually bump into a prince when you have come to Monaco. This Prince's Palace of Monaco is the official residence for the Prince of Monaco since 13th century. It is open to public seasonally so if you have missed the chance, you'd still be able to enjoy the harbour views of Monaco in front of the palace. There is a huge fortress, an open space or so-called front yard where you can go for free.

Jardin Exotique de Monaco - The World of Cactus

Exotic Garden of Monaco isn't just an ordinary botanical garden that you always see elsewhere; this cliffside garden offers you the most cactus you'll ever see in one place, plus a beautiful city views of Monaco that you won't find anywhere else in the country. If you are arriving there in the late afternoon, you'll also be able to catch sunset before it closes. Your trip to Monaco wouldn't be the same without a visit here!



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