Seven Days, Seven Photos 七天七照

I have been involved in a fun new "project" recently and I enjoyed doing it. I was nominated by my friend and it was about taking one picture of everyday life in black-and-white in the next seven days. This project actually allowed me to see my everyday life deeply and closely. I never really found the beauty of the city I stayed for a very long time until I picked up my camera and to explore around. Now let's see what I have captured in the last seven days.

"Seven days, seven photos of every day life in black and white... no people, no explanations. Challenge a person each day to join. "

最近我的朋友在社交網站上提名了我,我便開始了這個Seven Days, Seven Photos 七天七照的挑戰了。這個挑戰是要在七天內每天發一張黑白且沒人的日常照片,而且不用加以解釋。這個遊戲讓我好好地注意了一些我平常不會留意的東西,由其是在一個地方住久了,便會開始覺得這地方有點平庸了。最後看回照片,發現原來這些我經常見到的東西,原來還是很美,很有感覺的。

Leicester, UK

Liberty London, UK

Hype Park London, UK

Peggy Porschen Cakes London, UK

London Bridge, UK

Victoria Park Leicester, UK

Leicester, UK

Which one is your favourite? Let me know!


#UnitedKingdom #London #Leicester


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