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Solo Backpacking to Dublin

Pros and Cons: Solo Backpacking

We didn't really enjoy our very first solo trip that much honestly. As we prefer travelling with our Well Voyaged buddies instead. Sometimes we felt lonely when we were travelling on our own alone in a place that we didn't really feel familiar with. However, we wouldn't mind if we were going to travel on our own again though. As we would have more chances to randomly wander around, take lots of pictures for our upcoming project and research, and so on. But why do we not enjoy travelling on our own? The main reason is that we wouldn't be able to order lots of different dishes to try but to order one only. What a shame.

One of the Best Restaurants in Dublin

The first thing that came across our mind was the food we tried there. They were all amazing. But this one stood out. This duck leg covered lots of cornflakes with grape wine sauce. The taste was rich and delicious. The combination of cornflakes and meat was definitely the highlight of it. It was more than amazing. This Irish restaurant is definitely one of the must-go.

The Pig's Ear | 4 Nassau St, Dublin 2, D02 YX74, Ireland ★★★★★

Explore Dublin in a Picture-Perfect Day

We didn't go to many places in Dublin. All we have been to was the Dublin Castle, some restaurants, a park and a garden. That's it. This trip felt like more of a relaxing one to all of us. We sort of explored the nature side of Dublin and we would say that we were so lucky to have a picture-perfect day. 

The Empty National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

We went to the National Botanic Gardens which is located out of the city centre of Dublin. We literally wanted to visit there because we found the pictures so nice on the Internet, which is very true, and our pictures proved it. The park was very empty in the morning at 9am. It was a bit creepy to find the park empty but at least we got more time and spaces to take good photographs.

Rent a Bike in the Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is extremely huge... someone told us that we could possibly see reindeers in the park so we went there to try our luck. And obviously, you know we didn't see any... otherwise you should be able to see some of our photographs of them... That wasn't really a big deal of not seeing a single reindeer... but the thing is... we literally spent exactly three hours walking inside the park. We were so desperate trying to look for a bus stop... therefore we suggest that you should rent a bike if you could cycle, or you would regret it.

This solo backpacking experience was nice and we should perhaps go Dublin again with our whole team and see if we'd like it more.



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