Taste of Acting: Trickeye Museum Seoul 首爾3D美術館: 踏出影藝生涯第一步

There's actually quite a few Trick Eye Museum in Asia but this one in Seoul was the first one that we went to, and we just loved it so much! We had so much fun with our family there! We call this experience as a taste of acting, which Amy doesn't usually exaggerate her facial expression like that. We couldn't help laughing at her when we looked back at the pictures she took there... we picked some of the best ones and would love to share them to you. 

其實在亞洲也有好幾個3D美術館,不過我們第一個去的是在韓國首爾。我們想跟大家分享一下 Amy 的「影藝生涯」,或者就是在這裡開始的!我們跟家人一起來的,大家都很喜歡,玩得特別開心!其實我們一般都不會想上傳這些照片到 Well Voyaged,因為感覺就是會影響到我們的「星途」嘛!但是我們看著照片就忍不住大笑了,所以最後決定還是要跟大家分享一下。

Her acting was quite bad though as we believed that she doesn't actually have experience of facing too much flashlight so she's funny to pose like that. Although we are pretty sure Hollywood stars won't do such things like this. LOL


The last one is our favourite. That's probably the only time we'd see so many banknotes at a time.


We hope that we'd still find these pictures funny rather than silly after few years later...

希望過了幾年後,我們還是會覺得這些照片搞笑,而不是變成一些我們覺得要毀滅的黑材料吧⋯⋯ LOL

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