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Taste of Acting: Trickeye Museum Seoul

Trickeye Museum Seoul - A 3D Interactive Museum for Fun

There's actually quite a few Trick Eye Museum in Asia but this one in Seoul was the first one that we went to, and we just loved it so much! We had so much fun with our family there! We call this experience as a taste of acting, which Amy doesn't usually exaggerate her facial expression like that. We couldn't help laughing at her when we looked back at the pictures she took there... we picked some of the best ones and would love to share them to you. 

Her acting was quite bad though as we believed that she doesn't actually have experience of facing too much flashlight so she's funny to pose like that. Although we are pretty sure Hollywood stars won't do such things like this.

The last one is our favourite. That's probably the only time we'd see so many banknotes at a time.

We hope that we'd still find these pictures funny rather than silly after few years later...


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