The Best and the Worst Dining Experience in Vienna 吃在維也納的最好與最壞

The Worst Dinning Experience in Vienna

Cafe Central

Herrengasse 14, 1010 Wien, Austria

We had been to quite a few cafes or restaurants when we were in Vienna, but this one was the only one that we mostly regretted to have made our visit to. We have never had such an unpleasant dinning experience before... We were wandering around the city centre and we entered into this cafe just because we were hungry that moment. We found the architecture beautiful and we believed that this is the only good thing about this cafe... we ordered some fried chicken breasts and a piece of cake which both tasted not really good and were super expensive... We spent like 20 euro for that and we honestly think they weren't worth any penny... seriously you should probably tell how much effort we put when we tried to take nice pictures of the dishes but they didn't really look like they were worth the price. The chicken breasts were tasteless and overcooked... and the cake was super tough just like a rock, we couldn't even be able to cut it up... their service was even worst we would say... we asked for the bills for a few time and we could finally pay our bill after an hour... we literally weren't so sure why we came here and we definitely won't come back for such horrible experience.


在維也納的時候,我們去過了很多不同的咖啡廳或餐廳,可以說是這一家真的是我們唯一覺得很後悔來到的一家咖啡廳…… 也可以說是我們從沒遇過這麼不愉快的吃飯經驗…… 本來我們也沒有計劃要到這家吃飯的,只是剛好在市中心亂逛,肚子餓了就進去了。我們覺得裡面的裝潢還不錯,但這應該就是這咖啡廳裏唯一好的方面…… 我點了一份炸雞胸肉和一份甜點,但是沒有一樣是好吃的,而且非常貴。認真來說,加起來就二十歐元,真的一點都不值…… 你們大概看圖片也能看出來這兩個東西的值價吧…… 那個雞胸肉非常老,很難咬開,而且一點味道都沒有…… 而甜點也是硬到像石頭一樣…… 總括來說就是非常不值,連賣相都沒有特別好看…… 另外就是他們的服務態度是更糟糕…… 問他們拿賬單好多次,最後拿來的時候已經是一個小時後!我們真的不知道為什麼會來了這,不過非常肯定的是我們不會再來了……

Overall 總括而言: ☆☆☆☆☆

The Best Dinning Experience in Vienna


Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien, Austra

It's about time to talk about the best one that we have been to when we were in Vienna. Let us tell you how much we love this restaurant; we literally went there one more time right before we left Vienna. The first time we went there was our first night in Vienna. It was quite busy but fortunately it wasn't really difficult to find a table. We ordered their famous Schnitzel and a potato soup as a starter. The Schnitzel never disappointed us, it was super crispy and the meat was so tender and juicy with a taste of egg yolk, and the size of it was a big surprise to us too. We knew it was such a big challenge to us if we had to finish the whole thing at once. It was totally a mission impossible because we weren't able to finish it; we wish we were with someone who could share with... The second time we ordered the Schnitzel again, with a bowl of cucumber as a salad. Basically we love their food and their service so much. The waiter was so funny and lovely to talk with. It was such a lovely traditional restaurant to enjoy our lunch and dinner there. We'd definitely come back when we go to Vienna again.


不行啦,不能再說那個啦。我們要跟大家介紹我們在維也納吃到最好的餐廳啦!我們真的很喜歡這家餐廳,第一個晚上到達維也納便立刻去試,吃過後我們很喜歡,離開維也納之前還再去吃一次!晚上去的時候人很多,不過幸運的是裡面位置很多!我們點了一份最有名的Schnitzel 奧式炸豬排和一個當前菜的馬鈴薯湯。他們家的炸豬排果然沒有讓我失望,外脆內軟,肉質細嫩多汁,還帶著一點蛋黃的味道,而且那個豬排的大小實在是太驚人!我們知道要吃完它是絕對沒可能的了,真希望當時有人一起跟我們分享喔!第二次去我們還是點了經典的大豬排,另外加了一份黃瓜沙拉。基本上來說我們是非常喜歡他們的食物,而且他們的服務也非常好!幫我們下單的服務員人也很好,搞笑又好聊。在這家這麼溫暖的傳統餐廳吃飯真的很享受!下次再來維也納,我們一定會再來的!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★★

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