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The Best and the Worst Dining Experience in Vienna

The Worst Dinning Experience in Vienna

We had been to quite a few cafes or restaurants when we were in Vienna, but this one was the only one that we mostly regretted to have made our visit to. We have never had such an unpleasant dinning experience before... We were wandering around the city centre and we entered into this cafe just because we were hungry that moment. We found the architecture beautiful and we believed that this is the only good thing about this cafe... we ordered some fried chicken breasts and a piece of cake which both tasted not really good and were super expensive... We spent like 20 euro for that and we honestly think they weren't worth any penny... seriously you should probably tell how much effort we put when we tried to take nice pictures of the dishes but they didn't really look like they were worth the price. The chicken breasts were tasteless and overcooked... and the cake was super tough just like a rock, we couldn't even be able to cut it up... their service was even worst we would say... we asked for the bills for a few time and we could finally pay our bill after an hour... we literally weren't so sure why we came here and we definitely won't come back for such horrible experience.

Cafe Central | Herrengasse 14, 1010 Wien, Austria ☆☆☆☆☆

The Best Dinning Experience in Vienna

It's about time to talk about the best one that we have been to when we were in Vienna. Let us tell you how much we love this restaurant; we literally went there one more time right before we left Vienna. The first time we went there was our first night in Vienna. It was quite busy but fortunately it wasn't really difficult to find a table. We ordered their famous Schnitzel and a potato soup as a starter. The Schnitzel never disappointed us, it was super crispy and the meat was so tender and juicy with a taste of egg yolk, and the size of it was a big surprise to us too. We knew it was such a big challenge to us if we had to finish the whole thing at once. It was totally a mission impossible because we weren't able to finish it; we wish we were with someone who could share with... The second time we ordered the Schnitzel again, with a bowl of cucumber as a salad. Basically we love their food and their service so much. The waiter was so funny and lovely to talk with. It was such a lovely traditional restaurant to enjoy our lunch and dinner there. We'd definitely come back when we go to Vienna again.

Figlmuller | Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien, Austria ★★★★★

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