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The Blue Rabat in Morocco

It's just like another world to me. I felt like I had never been to Rabat before. If you have read my previous post about Rabat, I have already talked about Two Sides of Rabat. Therefore, I guess this would be another different side of it since it looks like a new world to me from what I've seen...

The weather was super nice, it's warm. The sky was clear enough to see how blue it was. I went to the harbour this time, and I also found a beach over here. This kind of blue made me happy. I could even smell the freedom and peace when I stared at the waves...

There's an area that is as blue as sea where it is very closed to the beach and I think you should really check it out before going home. When I just came here, I thought it looked like a place in Greece if you know where I'm referring to! These places are Oudayas, Kasbah of the Udayas and Porte Des Oudayas. This area is actually a residential area where all the building painted white and blue. It's such a beautiful place, especially when it's close to the sea, I just couldn't help relating them together. They belong with each other.

Aren't they fascinating? I'm so obsessed with these colours now!



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