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The British Food Guide: Eat Local in Leeds

Leeds, an industrial city in the UK, might probably not in your top travel bucket list. However, this city has one of the biggest and busiest train stations in the UK and you could possibly stop over for an interchange. If you are in the nearby for whatever reason, you should definitely follow our Leeds food guide and eat like a local today.

Affordable Upscale British Restaurant across the UK

This restaurant is part of a group of upmarket restaurants across the UK by The Ivy Collection. Each restaurant has its own unique elegant style; it features comfy plush velvet seating and an impressive bar with stunning floral installation and artworks. The Ivy offers a menu of contemporary British cuisine such as their signature lobster linguine, shepherd's pie and cod fish with mash. It does not only provide a high standard of food but also excellent service, as well as a wonderful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy their meal in such beautiful place.

The Ivy Victoria Quarter Leeds | Vicar Ln, Leeds LS1 6BA, United Kingdom ★★★★★

The Best Sweet & Savoury Donuts in Town

The Locals love the doughnut from Doh'hut so much that they always sell out fast right before their closing time. This donut shop specialises in handcrafted doughnuts that are made fresh daily. It offers various flavours from the classic options like original glazed and salted caramel, to more creative alternatives such as lemon meringue and chocolate brownie. The donuts are fluffy, filling and super flavourful! Make sure you come by early so you get to choose your favourite ones!

Doh'hut | 2 Trevelyan Sq, Leeds LS1 6ED, United Kingdom ★★★★★


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