The Full-Mark Waterfall in Taiwan 台灣的「滿分」瀑布

If ten is the highest score, this waterfall has definitely earned a full mark as this Shifen Waterfall is literally means "10-point waterfall" or "very (good?) waterfall" in Chinese. Well, it should mean something good so I guess those two definitions can work out too. This waterfall is actually not really far from the train station and it takes only around 20-30 minute walking, or hiking (in some parts). I think I kind of agree that this waterfall worths a 10 out of 10 probably because I saw and captured the rainbows at the end. It's totally worth the waits! Can you actually see the waterfall from the picture that I took on the left at this point? It's hidden in the greens!


It's such a lovely relaxing day to me. These waterfalls were loud but also silent to me. There's no traffic but only the birds' humming. I felt like I was finally close to the nature after living in the city for this long... I could also feel the water touched me when I was getting closer and closer to the waterfalls. See how powerful they are.


Oh I love Taiwan so much and this wasn't the only 10-out-of-10 place in Taiwan and I am going to explore them all one by one very soon. Let's go!


#Taiwan #NewTaipeiCity


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