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The Golden Pearl of Danube

The Pearl of Danube, is the nickname of Budapest, where it's also best known as a "Golden City". It was my first time to see pearl in gold and this city earned this title for real. It seems like there's no any other colours of lights but gold only. I like how the Palace of Parliament Hungary stands out on Danube at night. It just looks like it was the only thing that shines in the dark. The best place to stare at it has to be the opposite side of the waterfront (Metro stop Batthyany ter), as you'd be able to see it from far and right in front of your eyes.

Let's get down to the famous Szechenyi Chain Bridge, where you can also see the Buda Castle on the left. I found the bridge so pretty and fascinating, but the castle? Nah. LOL I was here around 7 at night and the lights from the bridge weren't fully on until 8pm. It was worth the wait although it would be a lot better if I knew this in advance... haha

Fun Fact: I first came to Szechenyi Chain Bridge and I thought the castle on the opposite was the signature of Hungary "Palace of Parliament Hungary"... and I was so confused... because nothing looks like the pictures that I saw everywhere on the internet. And I'm still not sure why I kept taking lots of pictures of it in case I missed it. LOL

Make sure you go on the bridge and have a nice walk in the evening after having a fantastic dinner. I even managed to take some nice long exposures even without a tripod. Guess how? You should be able to find out some hints from the picture above. Hehe.


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