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The Highlight of Hassan II Mosque Tour

No one wants to miss a thing when they come to this beautiful Hassan II Mosque; and certainly you won't be the exception. It is one of the world's largest functioning mosque that is still in use and open to visitors. You wouldn't want to leave Casablanca without seeing this amazing seafront mosque in Morocco. Let's explore this beauty with us and let your trip begins.

5 Things that You Should not Miss in Hassan II Mosque

  • The Interiors - the Prayer Hall Your tour begins in the largest room inside the building. This area is spacious; it can fit more than 25,000 people in the room. Can you believe that the roof is actually removable and can be transformed into a larger outdoor area? The design is totally jaw-dropping, not to mention the incredible matching tiles and patterns placing all over the Prayer Hall.

  • The Exteriors - Esplanade You thought the Prayer Hall were big enough to fit everyone, while the esplanade of this mosque can accommodate 3 times more than just 25,000 prayers. This area is not just huge; it is also gorgeous in details. Everyone's going to fall in love with their beautifully decorated arches in the corridors. Don't miss out!

  • Ablution Halls The ablution halls are in the basement of this mosque. There are two separate ablution halls for men and women. It houses 45 lotus flower shaped marble fountains with 600 taps in total. These fountains allows muslims to ablute themselves before moving to the Prayer Hall.

  • Hammams The Hammams are also located in the basement and open to public for visiting during your tour in the mosque. Some of the Hammams are well-equipped with heated pools so both men and women can enjoy them like having a thermal bath. It is such a beautiful secret spa that you can't find anywhere else in Morocco, isn't it?

  • The Ceiling & Pendant Lights Everything is stunning in details; so you shouldn't miss a thing while you are there. Look upon to the ceiling and roof, while you will see not only the shape of the domes, but also high ceilings covered with many traditional Moroccan tiles, plus grand pendant lights that match the whole architecture. How beautiful they all are!

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