The One and Only: Gucci Garden in Florence 走進全球唯一的佛羅倫薩古馳花園

If you are a Gucci fan, you have to visit the one and the only one Gucci Garden on earth. This store is not just a shop for shoppers, it is more than a shop, a museum, a restaurant and a lifetime experience. In here, you can even find one-of=a-kind products that you will never be able to buy them elsewhere. I didn't manage to have a nice meal in their restaurant but I visited both their shops and the museum. The shop is, of course, open to the public for free, however, the entry fee for the museum is 8 euro. I think it is a bit expensive because the exhibition isn't really big. But if you are a student, you can visit the museum for free. So what are you still waiting for?

如果你是古馳的粉絲,你就一定要去一下在意大利Florence 佛羅倫薩那裡的一家古馳花園,這裡跟一般的店不一樣,它不只是一家商店,而且還是一家博物館和餐廳,是全球唯一的一家古馳花園。而且在這裡所賣的所有產品也只有這裡能買得到!我沒有到他們的餐廳吃飯了,不過我參觀了他們的店和博物館。商店當然就是免費開放的,不過博物館的收費是8歐元,我是覺得有點貴了,因為展覽有點小。但是如果你是學生的話,是免費參觀的喔!

Gucci Garden 古馳花園

Piazza della Signoria, 10, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

All of their products here are specially made for Gucci Garden so you wouldn't be able to buy them in any other Gucci stores. I think that is probably the main reason why everyone can't help buying something here... but don't worry, there are things like postcards and notebooks which are more affordable. I am sure these could be some nice souvenirs from Italy, and especially from Florence.


The exhibition is about their classic designs of handbags and clothing in a iconic Italian fashion house. To be honest, I think the entrance fee is a bit overpriced since the price is similar to the tickets of those huge national museum in Italy. I think I enjoy visiting the shop as the staff was very nice and helpful. I even took a lot of picture with the interiors when I was there. Just don't forget to check my instagram out!

在這非常美麗的意大利建築裡,展出的東西都是關於這品牌的衣服和包包的經典設計。不過說真的,8歐真的是有點貴,因為它跟其他大型的博物館來比,價格也差不多,但是東西卻少很多很多⋯⋯ 我覺得我比較喜歡商店的部分,店員們都非常友善!而且在店裡也能夠看到很多好看的室內設計,我還拍了超級多的照片,記得要到我的instagram去看看喔!

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