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Top 10 Destinations for Lunar New Year Escape

There's only 10 more days until Year of the Rat arrives. If you (married couples) aren't ready to give red packets out for your friends and family, why not considering to give a Lunar New Year escape a try this year? We have come up some ideas and 10 travel destinations for you; read on to discover more, book your last-minute trip and make your fabulous 2020 journey begins.

Croatia | Skradin - The Heaven of Nature

The aim of a Lunar New Year escape varies, but you couldn't call it a escape if you didn't go somewhere surreal, could you? So Croatia would be the first choice for you. In here, you would be able to leave behind the crowds and noises from the big city and take every single step slowly. Make sure to visit their famous national parks like Plitvice Lakes and Krka in Skradin before you leave this heaven on earth.

Faroe Islands | Gasadalur - The Land of Wild

The ultimate Lunar New Year escape destination would definitely be Faroe Islands. Why? It's ultra difficult to see anybody in the street... perhaps you can't even call this a street. This is the place for someone who enjoys hiking. Múlafossur Waterfall is one of the not-to-miss spot in Gasadalur. Surely you wouldn't be able to see anyone you know here, and that's the spirit of saving up and not giving any red pocket money out this Chinese New Year.

Finland | Rovaniemi - The Home of Santa Claus

Who says Santa Claus could only work at Christmas? In the Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus, where you could find Santa Claus working every day for 24/7. The best way to start a new year is to meet the Father of Christmas and greet him nicely with a New Year blessing like Gong Hei Fat Choy! Remember to get yourself an official photo with Santa Claus for the best memory of your trip in Finland!

Hungary | Budapest - The City of Spa

Budapest is perfect for a relaxing trip as thermal springs are everywhere in the city. Whenever you feel tired or just want to chill, Széchenyi Thermal Bath offers everything you'll ever need for the whole time, where it has hot springs and body massage to shops and restaurants, you could easily spend a day there without any hesitation!

Malta | Blue Lagoon - The Paradise of Beaches

The unpolluted clear sea is right here at Blue Lagoon in Malta. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and even hiking in such wonderful place on earth! This is even a place for someone who can't really swim at all. We took thousands of pictures here simply just because the water was unbelievably clean and crystal blue! We enjoyed our visit so much.

Monaco - The Scene of Hollywood Movie

Here's a mini version of Las Vegas - Monaco! The iconic Casino Monte-Carlo could be a place for you to try your New Year luck, but make sure you don't go crazy about gambling so you have enough money to fly back home and visit other spots like Prince's Palace of Monaco and Exotic Garden of Monaco. Good luck anyway!

Morocco - The Country of Everything

If you would like to start your new year with unusual experiences, Morocco is a good choice for you. It literally offers everything from beautiful architecture and authentic Moroccan dishes to once-in-a-lifetime camel ride and extraordinary wild-camping in Sahara Desert. Cities like Marrakesh, Fes and Chefchaouen are highly recommended to be visited while you are in Morocco!

Slovenia | Bled - The Copy of Fairytale

Lake Bled is a lake that is surrounded by mountains; it's a lake with an isolated island in the middle of the lake. The view there really is a page-turning and overwhelming real-life fairytale. You can walk around the whole lake or climb up to the top by following the hiking trails and discover every single angle of it because it's just worth it!

Switzerland | Lucerne - The Frame of Painting

Everywhere in Switzerland is like a painting, and where Lucerne is just like the frame of that painting which is also a door to the amazing view of Switzerland. The Chapel Bridge is the signature of Lucerne that you cannot miss. You will be able to take a ferry from the pier to get to Weggis for Mount Rigi. The cable car and cogwheel train will take you to the top with ease in no time.

USA | Orlando - The World of Theme Park

Orlando has gained the name of Theme Park Capital of the World and it's true that it has every different type of theme parks that you should visit: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World Orlando, and Legoland Florida Resort. Your Lunar New Year could possibly start with an amazing firework, a parade with famous movie characters, or any exciting rides inside one of these places! Are you ready?

Let us know if you have a better idea for Lunar New Year escape!


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