Two Sides of Rabat 不一樣的拉巴特

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and there's so much to see if you like visiting historical sites. When I first came to Rabat, I thought I could only see beautiful architectures as this should be the most prosperous city in Morocco (I guess). However, I saw something more than that. Basically, there are two different sides of Rabat and I would divide them into two different groups which are "kinda new" and "kinda old". Now, let's see which two spots I am referring to.

Rabat 拉巴特是摩洛哥的首都,這裡有很多東西看,由其是如果你喜歡歷史名勝,你絕對要來這裡看看!還沒來到這之前的我以為拉巴特只會有漂亮的建築物,因為畢竟首都城市應該是會比較繁榮(?) 來到之後我發現了很多跟我想像中不太一樣的東西,基本上來說就是可以把它分成兩組,一組是「比較新」,而另外一組是「比較舊」。現在就來看看它們到底是有多新和多舊囉。

The site that best fits into the "kinda old" group is Chellah. This historical site is definitely worth a visit because the entry price is just nearly nothing! And you'd be able to see a lot of things that you didn't expect to see when you are in Rabat. That's probably the only ancient thing that I spent quite a lot of time on... I literally took lots of pictures with all these ruins because they are just so perfect for cameras!

Chellah 切拉這個景點絕對是放在「比較舊」的一組裡。這個地方你一定要來看看,特別是因為它的門票簡直是便宜到不行哈哈!而且這裡的東西,你在拉巴特的其他地方也沒辦法找到了!我本人就花了超級多的時間在拍照上哈哈!

Comparing to what I found in the above, I guess Mausoleum of Mohammed V is definitely something "kinda new", right? This spot wouldn't take you much time because there are only tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons inside. The architecture is amazing, especially the interior is spectacular, it just looks like a dark clear sky with lots of stars. What do you think?

對比剛剛我在上面說的那個景點,其實應該沒有什麼東西能比它更舊了吧⋯⋯ 所以我把 Mausoleum of Mohammed V 穆罕默德五世陵墓放在「比較新」的一組了,相信你們也不能同意更多了吧哈哈!這個地方不會讓你花上太多的時間,因為裡面也只有摩洛哥皇和他兩個兒子的墓。但是這個陵墓很漂亮,由其是裡面的天花,抬頭一看就像身在戶外看星星一樣!你們覺得呢?

If you could only visit one spot in Rabat, where would that be?


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