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UK's Favourite Cheap Eats

"Cheap Eats" could be very cheap and high-quality at the same time. In general, I only picked some of them which are all "qualified by Amy" and I think they are always good for no matter when and where. I aimed to find something that you could eat across the UK so they are all from the chain store, therefore they are all "fast food" and less than £5! Let's see if you've tried any of them, and tell me if they are your favourite cheap eats too?

When I go to a cafe, I tend to choose hot food instead of cold sandwiches. (I guess you'd never understand how much I love hot sandwiches if you are not from the east, especially Hong Kong.) So when I found out they do hot croissant, I couldn't help getting one to the cashier! This croissant is only available at breakfast time and it's available in two different flavours, meaty and vegetarian. I'm always going for a vegetarian one because I found the one with meat is a bit too salty for me, especially when it's full of grilled cheese on top. I think this cheesy croissant tastes really good as it's super crispy and cheesy! However, I think this is probably the most expensive croissant on earth...

Mozzarella & Tomato Croissant @Pret A Manger ★★★☆☆

That's definitely my favourite amongst all the other cheap eats, and I'm serious it's a must-have dish whenever I eat at Costa. It seems healthier to me... although it might not be anything healthy haha! It is the best Mac & Cheese I've ever had and I'm not even kidding. I might sound so exaggerated but the bread crumbs on top are totally insane because it literally enhanced the texture and its taste up to the next level! Nothing could beat this unless if they tried to baked a Mac & Cheese with bread crumbs now!

Creamy Mac & Cheese @Costa Coffee ★★★★★

Not-so-Fun Fact: I seriously love this so much and whenever I saw a Costa, I tried to get one. However, I couldn't find one outside of the UK, why!? Is this just available in the UK? I'm gonna miss it so much if I no longer live here...

When I told my friends that I love KFC and they never believed me. I guess they now realise that I'm very serious about it. Haha! Although I never thought I would love KFC this much, I never really eat their chicken when I was in Hong Kong. I always went for something else instead of chicken... when I first tried the hot wing in the UK, I'm super addicted to it. The chicken wings are so juicy and tender, and super crispy outside! Basically this is always a lazy quick meal for me if I don't wanna cook. However, I should eat less since it's unhealthy. Haha.

Hot Wing Meal @KFC ★★★★☆

Don't you want a donut after a savoury meal? It's time for a dozen! I love their doughnuts very much, especially the Chocolate Dreamcake! This is definitely my dream donut because it has chocolate sauce filling inside just like a bun! Soft doughnuts with melting chocolate inside, what more can you ask for? You can get two of them for less than £5, or three if you are a student with a valid student ID card!

Chocolate Dreamcake Doughnuts @Krispy Kreme ★★★★★

I am so hungry now...

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