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Ultimate City Escape to Tai O Fishing Village

Going on an island trip in Hong Kong is always a great idea, especially on a weather-perfect day! Tai O on Lantau Island is quite far away from city, yet very easy to reach. The ideal way to get there is to take Bus 11 from Tung Chung Town Centre Bus Terminal; you will then arrive in this fishing village in about an hour! Scroll down and see what you can do in Tai O now!

The Bridge to Cross in Tai O - Tai Chung Bridge

This suspension bridge, as known as the Cable Ferry Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks in Tai O neighbourhood. It is the main pathway that leads you to most attractions in this fishing village. Before the time when the bridge was built, the locals had to pay and cross the river by cable ferries. This bridge is absolutely a lifesaver for everyone!

The Hotel to Stay in Tai O - Tai O Heritage Hotel

Walking along the Shek Tsai Po Street, you will then find Tai O Heritage Hotel. This hotel is always full booking and it is advised that you should book a room in a year in advance. WHAT?! You can't really blame anyone as this hotel only has 9 rooms. The hotel was once a police station in Tai O. Its beautiful colonial building is now used as a perfect place to stay in Tai O, giving you a chance to enjoy a hillside overlooking view of Tai O in their gorgeous balcony.

The Restaurant to Eat at in Tai O - Tai O Lookout

Don't feel sad if you can't book a room in the hotel. Perhaps you could enjoy a brilliant meal in the only restaurant in the hotel. Tai O Lookout is a stunning place for fantastic fusion cuisines. You can get food such as pork chop bun with Tai O shrimp sauce - does the combination sound weird to you? We've tasted it for you! They are surprisingly matching! What a lovely place for food and a beautiful hillside view of Tai O! We love this place for sure.

The Neighbourhood to Visit in Tai O - Tai O Kwan Tai Temple Square

While visiting the Kwan Tai Temple in Tai O, you could also explore a bit of the neighbourhood around the area. There is actually no such name as Tai O Kwan Tai Temple Square, but the square outside of the temple is everyone's favourite Tai O playground. You can find the signature graffiti of Tai O Fishing Village. It is probably the most colourful area in Tai O.

The Museum to Visit in Tai O - Lantau Culture Workshop

If you'd like to understand more about the Tai O culture, and the history about this fishing village, come visit this museum! The Lantau Culture Workshop is free entry. The displays and artefacts are mostly donated by the locals. You will definitely learn something new from this local museum.

The Local Tour to Join in Tai O - Tai O Boat Excursion

Of course you shouldn't leave Tai O without going on a proper boat trip. Join a boat excursion to explore Tai O in a different way. This 20-minute boat tour will cover a quick peek of the fishing village, the natural rocks and mountains around the islands, and sometimes if you are lucky enough, you'll also get to spot one, or maybe two Sousa chinensis, the baby pink dolphins that everyone's dying to see!

The Scenic Spot to See in Tai O - Tseung Kwan Shek (General's Rock)

One of the famous rocks around the island is the Tseung Kwan Shek, as known as the General's Rock in Tai O. It is named because it looks like a general taking a rest when you see it from far. You could either visit this scenic spot by taking a boat ride, or hiking from Tai O Fu Shan Viewing Point.


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