Universe of Water Particles in the Tank by teamLab 油罐中的水粒子世界

I could still remember when I first saw teamLab work on a small 4-channel digital screen in London Frieze 2017, I knew I desperately wanted to see their work in a bigger space once in my lifetime. And I finally find one in the Tank while I was in Shanghai. Now I want to see even more! This digital installation was just fascinating and amazing. Although it was a bit too crowded on a Sunday, I still managed to enjoy the moment and take some nice pictures like nobody was there!

我還記得當我2017年第一次在倫敦的Frieze 看過了teamLab的作品,我就知道我是超級想去看看他們的大型展覽了!終於我來到了上海的油罐,看到了他們這麼厲害的作品!現在我還想再看!這互動的裝置藝術真的是太美了。雖然星期日那天人很多,不過我還是能好好享受當下,又能拍出了很多超級好看且看起來都像沒有其他人的一樣喔!

One ticket includes the entrance to two exhibitions: Transcending Boundaries (2017) and Black Waves (2016). That’s fair enough, isn’t it? I’ve come up some tips for you to make your visit perfect, here you go:

1. Do wear pure and light coloured clothes, ideally with no pattern on it so that the work could be perfectly projected on you.

2. Spend more than half an hour or even longer on each exhibition as the projection changes continuously and it never stops.

3. Avoid going to the exhibition on a weekend as it could be very busy.

一張門票就包含了兩個展覽:Transcending Boundaries (2017) 和 Black Waves (2016) 這不錯吧!現在就讓我跟你們分享一下一些參觀teamLab展覽的注意事項吧:

1. 穿著純色或淺色的衣服,最好是一點圖案都沒有的,這樣子就能讓作品好好的投射在自己身上了。

2. 花在每個展覽的時間至少半小時或以上,因為作品是一直在變的,而且不會停,也不會重複。

3. 避免在假日或週末時候去喔,不然人流就是會比較多。

The boundaries of nature and all manmade (ideas, concepts and us: human) are transcended when we consider ourselves as part of the nature. teamLab put waterfall inside the Tank, offering a spacious area for us to feel the surrounding nature element – water. I was so surprised that the installation was actually interactive. The waterfall will change the flow when people touch it or go over it, just like how something obstruct the water flow in nature. Therefore, the projection changes by how we react, and it can never be duplicated, as it will never reoccur again. How cool is that?

當我們認為自己也是自然間的一部分,那麼大自然和所有人之間的界限,包括我們的思想和理念,就不再存在了。teamLab將大自然的瀑布放在油罐裡,讓我們能親身感受到被自然元素 - 水圍繞著的感覺。我覺得很驚喜的是這個裝置藝術是互動的。當我們觸碰了投射出來的瀑布,或是走在水的下面,它們的流動方式便會改變,就好像在現實中一樣。這投影是根據大家的互動而作出改變,所以每一個投射出來的畫面都是獨特的,這也太厲害了吧!

Water is formed by millions of water particles which we would never be able to see it with our own eyes. teamLab made it possible, visualising the waves of how they move and behave with drawing lines and projecting them on a 3D space with full-length mirror. Now thanks to teamLab, we are able to see the movement of the wave in front of us. It was a fantastic experience and for one moment I thought I was inside the waves. The barrier between the viewers (me here) and the waves literally disappears. It felt so different to how I view the actual waves in life, but the experience was so real at the same time.


So which one do you like more? Why?


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