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Venice of the East: Best of Suzhou, Jiangsu

There is Venice, and there is a Venice of the East. But where exactly is it? There are numbers of places that have been commonly known as such place. Nevertheless, China is big enough to fit a whole Venice in it, and here we've found you Suzhou - a city of river in Jiangsu province. So what is it like to visit there? Does it really look like Venice for some reasons? Let's find out more and discover the city together!

Never Leave Suzhou without Riding in a Gondola Boat

How does riding in a Chinese-styled gondola boat sound like? Of course no one wanted to leave this city of river without exploring around in a boat ride. This type of gondola boat isn't as fancy as the Venetian one; it is still an unusual experience to enjoy the stunning views of Suzhou, follow the tour guide to understand more about the town, and take as many pictures as you want while are there!

Exploring Suzhou via Shantang Street and its Canals

If you prefer exploring the old town by foot instead of taking on a somehow touristy gondola boat ride, Shantang Street is where you should go. From here you can find loads of small shops and boutiques, local Chinese restaurants and also street snacks. It is highly recommended to visit this area in early morning as it could be very crowded in the afternoon. That's typical, right?

Visiting Top 1 Chinese Lion Grove Garden in Suzhou

One of many things that you should do while you are in Suzhou is to visit their historical Chinese gardens; and Lion Grove Garden is definitely one of them that you should not miss out. This modest Chinese garden is spacious and simply gorgeous. It has everything from a beautiful bamboo garden and many water features like ponds and lakes to classic Chinese pavilion architectures and extensive stone arrangements.

The Best Authentic Taste of Jiangsu Cuisine in Town

It's not that difficult to find local food in the district and here we've found you a pricy one. Oops yes it's quite expensive but you should totally treat yourself a good meal when you are travelling, right? Songhelou is a Chinese restaurant that is specialised in Jiangsu, or as commonly known as Shanghai cuisine. Its deep-fried, sweet and sour squirrel fish is their signature dish that everyone would always go for. Don't forget to order some soup dumpling Xiao Long Bao before you leave the place, too!

Songhelou | 198 Shantang St, Jin Chang Qu, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China ★★★☆☆

Quality Chinese Souvenirs that You Can't Afford to Miss

How could you leave one place without bringing some treasures home? Here're two things that you should consider buying while you are in Suzhou: a super fancy double-sided embroidery ancient fan, and a personalised Chinese paper-cut of you! These souvenirs are probably one of the best gifts for your own self and they are totally perfect for home decoration. Don't miss out!



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