Visiting Churches in Marseille 馬賽教堂遊

Marseille is such a beautiful city, probably because it's somewhere right next to the sea. I was here for a day and I went to visit two churches that you should also check them out! I didn't really plan to see churches there but they were both located in a spectacular place for a view that you'd die for. You might not interested in visiting churches but you won't be disappointed after giving them a go, I promise!

法國Marseille 馬賽是一個很漂亮的城市,可能大概是因為它是一個近海城市。我來馬賽一天,去看了兩個教堂,覺得大家也應該要去看看。我其實沒有計劃要去看教堂的,只是剛好因為這兩個教堂都在一個看景的好地方。你可能對參觀教堂沒什麼興趣,但是只要你去看了,一定不會讓你失望的!

The first church that I wanna talk about is Cathedrale La Major. This church is located right next to the port, but I'd say the church itself is more overwhelming than the view of the port here. This church is extremely huge! The architecture is incredible. When I first saw it, I thought it was a castle or palace. It's definitely a must-go attraction in Marseille.

第一個想跟大家分享的是Cathedrale La Major 主修大教堂。這個教堂剛好在碼頭的旁邊,是看海的好地方。不過我覺得這個教堂卻比風景好看多了。這個大教堂的確真的超級大,建築十分美,一開始我還以為我看到的是一座城堡或皇宮呢!這裡絕對是在馬賽裡其中一個必去景點喔!

The second one that I want to talk about is the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. This one is located on top of a small hill. This might be the reason why it's become the most visited site in Marseille. I was literally here for the view that I was dying for. I'd say the view here is the best, possibly the church isn't as beautiful as the first one I saw. It was extremely windy though... You can't tell from my pictures but I can tell you that I wasn't able to walk, I felt like I was flying... LOL 

第二個要跟大家分享的是Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde 衛兵夫人大教堂。這個教堂位於一座小山上,也可能是因為這樣,這個地方成為了馬賽最多遊客到訪的地方。我真的是為了看景才來到這裡的,所以就順便看看教堂囉。風景的確很棒,但是教堂卻沒有主修大教堂好看了。那裡的風超級大!從照片中你可能看不出來,但我可以告訴你,當時的我沒有用走的,卻在飛了⋯⋯ 哈哈!

The last thing that I would like to show you is a pain au chocolat that I found on the street randomly! I bought it because I was so shocked about how big it could be... That's probably the biggest pain au chocolat that I had ever had... Can you tell the size from my picture?


See you all again soon! 下次再見囉!

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