Visiting Gozo Island with a Speedy Tour 戈佐島的極速觀光遊

How fast can you visit an island? I guess I joined the most speedy sightseeing day tour on earth when I was in Malta. To be honest, I didn't know the tour was like that until I landed on Gozo... this day tour takes you to the Gozo island and the beautiful Comino in a day from 10am to 5pm. However, when I got to Gozo, they offered us a private mini bus to take us somewhere in the island. It actually sounds good so that I didn't even need to make any plannings but the nightmare had just begun...

你覺得你的觀光速度怎麼樣?我想我在馬爾他應該是參觀了全球最極速的觀光團了。說真的,我真的是到了Gozo 戈佐島之後才知道的⋯⋯ 這個團明明就是說是早上十點到下午五點的,從馬爾他主島坐船出發到戈佐島和Comino 科米諾。當我到達戈佐島後,他們便安排了小巴帶我們去參觀一些景點。本來聽起來好像很不錯,結果原來是惡夢的開始⋯⋯

We went to three different stop within two hours, including the traffic time. The first stop was Savina Creativity Centre, and we were told to stay 30 minutes here. This was just a souvenir store and everything was overpriced... and the second stop was a beautiful church called Ta' Pinu, and you might not believe it, they only gave us 10-minute time here and I just couldn't understand why... and I missed the mini bus because I was 5 minute late... to be honest, I was so scared when I found out I missed the mini bus since there was literally no one around... I finally took a taxi to catch the mini bus and here I came to the final stop which was Victoria. However, I didn't really do anything there because it was too speedy that ain't nobody got time for that...

在兩個小時內,我們到了三個地方。第一站是Savina Creativity Centre 薩維納創意中心,我們有三十分鐘的時間參觀。可是這裡其實只是一家紀念品店,而且東西都很貴⋯⋯ 第二站我們來到了一個很美的Ta' Pinu 教堂,但是他們卻只給我們在這裡參觀十分鐘⋯⋯ 然後因為太趕了,我過了五分鐘才發現⋯⋯ 車子已經走了⋯⋯ 當時其實我真的很害怕,因為當我發現車子走了的時候,那裡一個人都沒有了⋯⋯ 最後我坐上了計程車為了要趕回行程⋯⋯ 最後一站就到了Victoria 維多利亞,不過我在這沒做到什麼,因為實在是太極速了,到底是要如何觀光呢⋯⋯

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