Visiting Nimes with a Museum Pass 尼姆的博物館遊

It’s always easier to visit a place with a pass and I think you should get a Museum Pass when you visit Nimes for a day. All of the tourist attractions in Nimes that I have been to are within walking distance. Therefore you don’t really need to worry about the transport, all you need to get is just one single Museum Pass and that’s it. This literally made my life a lot easier. Haha!

如果你想在一天內看完法國Nimes 尼姆的名勝,我覺得你們可以買一個博物館通行證,因為真的是超級方便,而且價格非常實惠!所有尼姆的名勝剛好都在市中心附近,用走的就可以了,所以也不必擔心交通的問題。

One pass includes the entrances to three places: Arena of Nimes, Maison Carree and La Tour Magne. And of course, it saves you some money when you buy a pass instead of paying the entry fees separately. I like the Arena of Nimes most because I did not only see the most well-preserved Arena in the world, but also some nice views from inside. You will also be able to see the Nimes as a whole from far and the top when you climb up to the La Tour Magne. I was climbing up so many stair for the view that I was dying for but the view of Nimes from far and top wasn't really overwhelming to me... 

一個博物館通行證包括了三個尼姆最著名的景點:Arena of Nimes 尼姆競技場、Maison Carree議院和La Tour Magne 馬涅塔。當然你也可以分開買票啦,只是如果你要全部都去參觀的話,買通行證會更划算喔!我自己最喜歡的是尼姆競技場,因為這個地方不只讓我看到了全世界最完整的競技場,還讓我在裡面看到了外面美麗的景色。雖然你也可以在馬涅塔上看到了尼姆的全景,不過那裡看的風景沒有什麼驚喜,而且爬了很多級樓梯⋯⋯

And Maison Carree was totally something that I did not except it was... I thought it would be a history museum, or somewhere that I could actually walk around inside to have a look of the architecture or so. However, it's only a theatre inside with a timed schedule of playing a short movie about Roman history of Nimes... The movie was great and I did learn something from it. It's just something that I expect to see though... LOL

最讓我失望的其實是Maison Carree議院⋯⋯ 一個我完全沒有想到的東西⋯⋯ 我本以為裡面會是一個歷史博物館或是至少是一個可以讓我到裡面走走參觀參觀的建築物⋯⋯ 但是原來這個是一個劇院,而且只是一個每天都播放一樣關於尼姆羅馬帝國時期的短片⋯⋯ 這影片其實還不錯,而且真的有讓我多認識了他們的歷史,只是我真的沒有想到這個地方只有這個東西⋯⋯ 哈哈⋯⋯

If you are not interested in their ancient history, perhaps you don't even need the museum pass... 


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