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Walking into the Scene of Harry Potter in Oxford

What's the first impression Oxford has given you? Does it look simply stunning, or bookish to you? This mysterious place has filled with a sense of magic after Harry Potter series was filmed in several locations in the Oxford city centre. Muggles are very welcome to visit this magical world. So let's follow us and discover more together!

Bodleian Library

This research library is located in the University of Oxford. Its circular architecture with a dome stands out from the crowds and makes it very easy to spot from far. They offer a site tour for the visitors if you've made your booking in advance. It is open to the public all year round. So, come over to take a look of the "Hogwarts infirmary" filming location and where the magic school students learned their first dance in the movie.

New College Tree behind the Bridge of Sighs

You never really see the Bridge of Sighs from the Harry Potter series; but you could actually see the tree behind it in the scene where Maufoy had an argument with Harry. The tree is inside New College of University of Oxford. It is also open to visitors; so seize the chance and take a closer look if you are in the nearby.

New College Cloisters

Most scenes of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were filmed in the University of Oxford; and while you are taking a closer look of the New College Tree, don't forget to obverse the whole surroundings! Every single corner in the college could lead you to the movie scenes and you definitely do not want to miss them out. Just like the cloisters inside the building, the Hogwarts students would walk along every time they finished a class.

Bodley Tower & the Hall Staircase

Moving to the Christ Church College, now we find the Bodley Tower and the Great Hall Staircase that look super familiar to all Harry Potter fans, don't they? This filming location has now become tourist's favourite and a photo spot that everyone would take a decent profile picture with it. Hogwarts students walk up the stairs to the Great Hall in the first movie and then the magical journey begins.

The Great Hall at Christ Church College

Here we come to the last stop: The Great Hall. This place could be too small to fit all students at once but it is truly the place where the film producers were inspired for recreating the scene of The Great Hall of Hogwarts School. This filming location was used for Hogwarts house selection by a magical sorting hat. And you should now realise where the "living paintings" and the moving staircase in the film that came from.


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