Walking into the Warsaw Old Town 走進華沙舊城區

What is the best way to explore a new place that you've never been to? Let's just walk into it, and blend yourself in it like a local. Of course there's a lot of different ways to get to the Old Town in Warsaw, you could simply just take a bus, tram or even a taxi. However, if you prefer walking like me, I'd suggest that you should reach the old town from the other side across the Vistula River, and take a walk on the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge. As you will be able to see The Royal Castle in Warsaw from far, and that's also the starting point for you to truly walk into the Warsaw Old Town.

到底用什麼方法去探索一個你從來都沒去過的地方會是最好的呢?我覺得就是用徒步的方式啦,而且走起來要像一個本地人喔。這可是有難度的喔,當然要去波蘭Warsaw 華沙的舊城區是有很多其他的方法啦,不過如果你跟我一樣,也是比較偏好走路的話,那我推薦你們從Vistula River 維斯瓦河的另一邊,從Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge 西里西亞・東布羅夫斯基橋慢慢走過去喔。這樣子你還可以飽覽華沙的美景,而且在橋上漫步,不是特別浪漫嗎?

So what makes the Warsaw Old Town special? To be honest, I found this old town quite new in the way it looks like. It's just like freshly repainted so that it's colourful everywhere. And perhaps this makes the Old Town so special. I guess this was the busiest old town that I've ever been to though...


There's really not much you could do in the Old Town if you are not a museum person. However, the architectures here are amazing. I love how the colours and buildings work together. So I believe that The Royal Castle in Warsaw is something that you might not want to miss when you are in the Old Town area. There's also quite a lot of "instagramable" spots inside the castle and you might end up spending lots of time here, trying to get the best shots from them. Haha!

如果你對博物館沒什麼興趣的話,基本上你在舊城區是沒什麼可以做的。不過這裡的建築物都很漂亮,我很喜歡他們的建築風格和顏色的搭配,真的很可愛!我覺得The Royal Castle in Warsaw 華沙的皇家城堡是在這區裡最好逛的一個景點了,裡面還有很多很適合用來拍照打卡的地方,你可能會在裡面花很多時間在拍照上喔。

I'm going to write a blog post about the traditional Polish food that I had when I was in the Old Town very soon. Just keep an eye on it!


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