Walking into the World of Murakami 走進村上隆的花花世界

Recently I’ve been to an exhibition called MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI, a solo exhibition by a well-known Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. I assume everyone should have seen of his work across the Internet or anywhere in the fashion field even though if you haven’t heard of his name. This exhibition is held at Tai Kwun Contemporary until 1st of September. So, if you would love to experience his extraordinary artworks from his detailed sketches and drafts to his optimistic flower wall and floor works, and to the bright cartoon characters from his world, you should buy your tickets online at here asap in case you missed it.

最近我去了一個展覽 - 村上隆對戰村上隆,這是非常有名的村上隆先生的獨立展覽。我想大家都應該有在網上看過他的作品,又或是在時裝的領域上,即使是沒聽過他的名字,也都看過他的作品吧。這展覽會在大館展出至今年九月一號。他超乎的藝術作品,從詳細的草稿和素描、樂觀的花花牆壁和地毯,以及開心樂觀的卡通角色,全部都會在這展覽中毫無保留的呈現出來。若你不想錯過這一切,記得趕緊到這裡訂票啊!

Murakami works in a variety of medium such as paintings, sculptures, animation and videos, as well as mixed media and collaboration with other art, design and fashion industries. His work is really impressive, like his signature colourful smiling flowers, has become one of the most influential work among the world. My favourite from this exhibition would be the uncanny skull setting wall and floor art in bright happy colours; it’s very strange that skull is supposed to be interpreted as poison, or even death, but he could make everything optimistic in his own way. That’s probably what he’s capable of.


I felt so overwhelmed when I stepped into this room; the whole room was filled with his signature smiling flowers repetitively without any empty spaces. This concept is called “Superflat”; it does not just refer to how flat Murakami structured the layout of his work, but also how people should never label art pieces and our society as high and low. They should be super flat.


Here’s one of my favourite rooms in this exhibition – a whole room covered in gold. I’m in love with these works because it totally reminds me of Japanese traditional art. However, his work resembled Japanese history in his own way with the usage of his signature flower icons and bright colours. He definitely pushed his art moving into a huge step forward.


Are you inspired by Murakami?





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