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Weekend in Luxembourg on a Budget

Luxembourg Makes their Public Transport Free

If you are still staying at home, thinking of how expensive travel could be, you would never really have a chance to see the world since you believed budgets and time would always be your obstacles. So let your obstacles become invisible and take action now!

Probably you thought the cheapest way for transport was to take no transport, basically you would go everywhere by foot. But when you come to Luxembourg, they offer you the best things on earth... All of the public transports is FREE of charge across the whole country, and it covers trains to different cities in Luxembourg! It's crazy, right? So if you are on a budget, you have to visit Luxembourg and it will save you some money!

Shopping at the Open Market in City Centre

You could probably check out this huge outdoor market near the tourist office and the city hall. They sell lots of second hand items, vintage clothes, and also some antiques with affordable prices. If you don't fancy old stuff, you could also wander around the city centre area with lots of shops and restaurants. 

Public Museums and Galleries are Free for Students

So what else is FREE? Unfortunately this is only for students. All of their public museums and galleries are FREE of charge for students and seniors. So if you are a student, you should check them all out as you wouldn't expect to see something like the picture above in a museum! We generally loved all of their museums as they've got lots to see! 

We'd have to say if you were a student who went to Luxembourg, you literally just needed to worry about where you could actually spend your money at instead...



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