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What Not to Miss in the Home of Theme Park Orlando

Orlando is the Place for Theme Park Enthusiast

Are you a "theme park" person? If you are, Orlando is the place for you! It provides you lots of different parks for different needs. We went to five different parks there and there's still a lot that we didn't have time to explore! We were there for 7 days and we spent one whole day in each park. You should at least visit Orlando for a week otherwise you would regret it very much.

Universal Studios is the Best Animated Theme Park

We went to both two parks in Universal Studios and we just loved them. The best thing is that you can explore both parks in a day by taking the Hogwarts Express from the 9 3/4 platform to "London" (The other side of the park). The whole experience was amazing as we felt like we were literally in the film with Harry Potter! In Universal Studios, the only thing that you can't miss out is everything made with animation, which is what they are well-known for!

Disney has Better Parade than Universal Studios

The only thing that we believe Universal Studios could do better was the parade. We expected the show would be a bit longer but it only lasted for about 5 minutes... while the parade in Disney was almost for 30 minutes long...

Disney's World is the World's Biggest Disney Themed Park

Are you a Disney's fan? Disney's World is the largest Disney park in the world. There are four different parks in Disney's World and you would never be able to explore them all in just a few days. We didn't have enough time to explore all of their parks but we managed to visit two of them: Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

The Castle with Firework in Magic Kingdom is the Disney's Spirit

To be honest, the Magic Kingdom was a bit disappointing since it was just like all other Magic Kingdom in the world... but this park is like the signature of Disney and it feels like that everyone should at least visit it once. Now you have another reason to come back: visit all other parks! woohoo! What can you not miss here? Of course it's the castle! And the castle with firework and the light show at night!

Animal Kingdom is a Disney's Zoo

Can you believe that we actually liked the Animal Kingdom more than Magic Kingdom? Have you ever been to a Disney's zoo before? Well, it's nothing more than just a zoo, but it's full of Disney's magic! However, this zoo is different to the other zoo in the world because it has music fountains shows at specific hours at night. It really is Disney's style, isn't it?

Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark Orlando is Our Summer Favourite

The last park that we went this time was a water park called Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark Orlando. We loved this park so much and we had loads of fun there! Unfortunately we didn't have any photographs of it but if you'd like to know more about it, feel free to ask us! We'd be more than happy to tell you! Have fun!


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