What’s Inside a Time Capsule? Artwork by Robert Hromec 藏在時間膠囊裡的東西

When I was in Bratislava, I got some free time exploring the city alone, and I accidentally bumped into this art gallery which showcases some permanent exhibitions about modern fine art in Slovakia. However, I'm here to share a temporary art exhibition that I found on the ground floor which I liked it most. This exhibition is open from 17-01-2018 to 11-03-2018. So there's still time if you wanna go see it! It's a mixed media artwork series by Slovak artist Robert Hromec. You should definitely check it out if you are interested in painting or mixed media work. I am sure you'll like it too. 

我自己一個在斯洛伐克Bratislava 布拉迪斯拉發的時候,因為有些空檔的時間,就在市中心到處走走看看,意外地找到了這家藝術館。這裡有很多關於斯洛伐克的現代藝術的永久展覽,不過我這次是想要跟大家分享一下一個我在裡面最喜歡的一個短期展覽。這個展覽為期兩個多月,由2018年1月17日至3月11日止。所以大家要趁著還沒結束之前就要去看看喔!由其如果你是對畫或混合媒體有興趣的話!因為這個展覽是Robert Hromec斯洛伐克藝術家的混合媒體個人展喔。

Galeria Nedbalka Nedbalova 459/17, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Robert Hromec was born in Slovakia and he lives and works in Bratislava. He works with mixed media with a variety of art techniques which he calls it as "print-painting". This working method has been the most significant thing in his art with aluminium plate used as the base of his "print-painting". 

Robert Hromec他是在斯洛伐克出生,並在布拉迪斯拉發定居和工作。他是一個混合媒體藝術家,他稱自己的技巧為”Print-painting”「印刷畫」,而使用這個方式再加上鋁板作底的畫則是他的重大代表作品。

This exhibition is titled Inside a Time Capsule. All these artwork displayed here are the latest work from the artist so no one has ever seen them before this exhibition. (OMG! I was one of the "first" who saw it.) I couldn't believe that how lucky I was, that I came and accidentally saw something new and amazing in person. His painting is like the reflection of today's life in our world which carry "vital information about our present-day reality to the next generation." The artist suggest that "to live in our time is to live without certainty." These paintings allows us to explore our mind with freedom and discover beauty in new ways.

這個展覽的名字就叫作Inside a Time Capsule。而這次展覽的作品全部都是第一次對外展出,因為都是這個藝術家的最新作品!真的沒想到我不小心就來到了這裡,還剛好遇上了這個展覽!他的畫其實就像是我們現時的世界,把現今最真實的情況帶到了下一代。他認為生活並沒有「一定的」,我們都應該要活在當下。這些畫作就是想讓大家自由地想像,在新的角度尋找美。

I couldn't help looking at these work very closely as you could find something more on a close inspection. What did you find inside a time capsule? I found power and freedom.

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