Wild Camping with LINE FRIENDS 與熊大和兔兔一起露營去

How was your last weekend? I went wild camping with LINE FRIENDS on Saturday for two days one night. This event was the very first version of LINE FRIENDS Go Wild Camping. You could either join a day camp or an overnight wild camping experience. I thought it was a successful event, even though it was too hot to survive...

你們上個禮拜過得怎麼樣呢?我的星期六過得很不錯,去了由LINE FRIENDS主辦的一個兩日一夜的露營活動。這個是全球第一個以LINE FRIENDS為題的大型露營活動喔,你還可以選擇要參加日營或過夜的露營體驗。儘管天氣熱到我快不行了,我覺得這次的活動還挺成功的!

We paid $1888 for an one night wild camping for two people. I guess you might think that's too expensive. However, this price includes loads of souvenirs and equipment, like the tent, mat, LED flashlight, foldable storage box, BBQ skewers, meal set, snacks, water bottle, power bank and things that are collectable by all LINE FRIENDS fans! Everything is LINE FRIENDS themed! I felt so graceful to be part of it! I had such a fun time there with them!

我們兩個人付了$1888報了一晚的露營體驗。我想你們肯定會覺得有點貴吧,可是,這價格包含了超級多的精美紀念品和用具,當中包括帳篷、墊子、手電筒、可折疊的儲存盒、燒烤叉、餐飲用具、小吃、水、行動充電源和太多數不清的各種收藏小禮品!所有東西都是以LINE FRIENDS為主題的!我真的很開心我參加了這次的活動!真的很好玩呢!

So what did we actually do there? There were lots of activities, games and workshop for you to join. Most of them are free, but some of them we would have to purchase some "tickets" to join, so we decided not to do those. Usually the queue time is around 10 minutes, I think that's not too bad, it's just too hot to stand under the sun... Eventually I earned quite a lot of different stickers and pins from the games. Now I've got so many gifts from them! Yeah!

那所以我們到底在這都做了些什麼?裡面有很多不同的活動、遊戲攤位和工作坊,讓大家好好地樂在其中!這些攤位大多數都是免費的,有些則需要另外付費買劵參加。所以最後我們決定只玩那些免費的就好了。平均每個攤位的等候時間是十分鐘,其實並沒什麼問題,只是太熱了,我感覺自己快要曬死了⋯⋯ 最後我贏了不同的貼紙和胸章,現在我多了好多東西來收集了!

There are many spots for photos. And I think this was the best photos we've got from this trip! Can you tell how much we enjoyed our time together? Haha!


Can you spot our tent from this photo? It's not that hard! Tell me if you can!


Oh I think I forgot to mention that they also provide a box of food for a barbecue night and breakfast for the next morning! And also a bingo card to win a prize for everyone! Although I did not either win the biggest prize of $1000 credit or a gold necklace, I won a Brown plush toy! It was so much fun to play bingo with 200 people, even though we knew that they had provided everyone a gift to win anyway! LOL


I'm not sure if I would join again if they ever held it for the second time, unless they held it in winter. HAHA! Let's share your experience with me if you were there, too? I'm excited to know!

我不知道下一次如果還有LINE FRIENDS的露營活動,我到底還要不要再報名參加?除非是在冬天舉行吧…… 哈哈!如果你們也去了這次的活動,跟我分享一下你們的體驗吧!我很好奇喔!

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