Wild Camping with LINE FRIENDS

The Very First Line Friends Go Wild Camping

How was your last weekend? I went wild camping with LINE FRIENDS on Saturday for two days one night. This event was the very first version of LINE FRIENDS Go Wild Camping. You could either join a day camp or an overnight wild camping experience. I thought it was a successful event, even though it was too hot to survive...

We paid $1888 for a one night wild camping for two people. I guess you might think that's too expensive. However, this price includes loads of souvenirs and equipment, like the tent, mat, LED flashlight, foldable storage box, BBQ skewers, meal set, snacks, water bottle, power bank and things that are collectable by all LINE FRIENDS fans! Everything is LINE FRIENDS themed! I felt so graceful to be part of it! I had such a fun time there with them!

Things to Do at Line Friends Go Wild Camping

So what did we actually do there? There were lots of activities, games and workshop for you to join. Most of them are free, but some of them we would have to purchase some "tickets" to join, so we decided not to do those. Usually the queue time is around 10 minutes, I think that's not too bad, it's just too hot to stand under the sun... Eventually I earned quite a lot of different stickers and pins from the games. Now I've got so many gifts from them! Yeah!

There are many spots for photos. And I think this was the best photos we've got from this trip! Can you tell how much we enjoyed our time together? Haha!

Can you spot our tent from this photo? It's not that hard! Tell me if you can!