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Your Local Travel Guide to York

York is best known for its nickname - a 'ghost city' in England, as it rains quite often, and is mostly cloudy in the areas of North Yorkshire. It is an old walled city with its rich culture and history. There are many gorgeous architectures, notable landmarks, as well as local restaurants in York that you should never miss while you are there. This beautiful city attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world for many reasons. Let's read on to find out!

York Minster, England, UK

York Minster - Gothic Cathedral with Stunning Stained-glass Windows

This gorgeous Gothic cathedral is the most iconic landmark in York. It is located in the heart of the city. York Minster is very impressive with vast stained-glass windows, vaulted ceiling and soaring nave. Don't miss out the guided tours to see their artifacts collections and to learn more about the history behind the cathedral and its architecture. You should never miss this York's symbol while you are here. It is definitely worth it!

York City Walls - Panoramic Views of York & its Landmarks

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the views of York without paying an entry fee, consider York City Walls! This series of defensive walls were built from the Roman times. Not only visitors, but also locals loves walking along the city walls in their spare time. It allows you to enjoy an overlooking views of the city and its landmarks, such as York Minster and the River Ouse for free. This is no doubt the best place to go to after having a big meal, isn't it?

The Shambles - An Notable Area for Local Markets, Shops and Boutiques

This is a popular shopping destination for every tourist since it is a narrow pedestrian street with leaning buildings on the side. The Shambles is particularly famous for "Diagon Alley", a fictional alley from Harry Potter film series that was inspired by this street. It seems like magic is right here. It is not surprised that you can find a shop that is called "The Shop That Must Not Be Named" selling Harry Potter novelties, or a "Nutcracker Christmas Shop" that sells Xmas ornaments throughout the whole year. What a fun place to visit!

Betty's Café Tea Rooms, York, UK

Betty's Café Tea Rooms - Traditional Afternoon Tea Cafe in York

You should probably visit Betty's Cafe Tea Rooms at least once when you are in the nearby. This famous tea room and bakery not only offers traditional afternoon teas for dine-in, but also a variety of packed souvenirs like jams, chocolates, handmade pastries and more for you to take home with. If you don't have enough time to dine in, perhaps you should consider buying some ready-made gift boxes in their shop before you leave York.

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