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10 Travel Styles that You Should Try

You can never live a day twice; so why not make your life the most of it by trying something new every single day? To help you with that, we've gathered around 10 different travel styles that you should consider trying for your next trip. Let's see if you'd like to adopt any of them!


Less is more. Try to go on a trip without carrying a heavy suitcase but in a light backpack. A Backpacker is considered to be someone who travels casually and would likely to be staying in a shared room in a hostel rather than in a luxury hotel. You may think about going to a wild camping with your backpack as well. What a great idea for your next travel destination!

Couch Surfing

This type of travel style is sort of risk-taking because you will be going to stay temporarily in someone's homes that you don't really know them. Someone might consider this as a great opportunity to meet local people in a foreign country and save up for their trip at the same time. At the end of the day, it depends on how much you could trust someone for sure. Only doing so when you feel comfortable with it.


A cruise travel is totally made for you if you would like to enjoy your holiday in a laid-back style. Some cruise will take you on a round trip while you're pretty much doing everything on the ship; some will take you to various ports in different countries, while you can join some local tours, or explore the places all by yourself. In either ways, you are going to enjoy your holiday absolutely worry-free.

Group Trip

Do you enjoy being a tour guide to lead the trip on your own? If so, you should definitely take your friends or your family to go on a group trip together. Make sure you plan everything in advance since everyone is going to rely on you! Book the entrance tickets, make the reservation for your lunch and dinner, and so much more. You will literally be exhausted but it's going to worth it!

Last Minute

Sometimes it's okay to be spontaneous, especially in travel. Nothing could be more exciting than a last minute trip. Simply book your flight ticket and you are ready to go! Find your ideal place to stay while you are there. No local currency cash? No worry! Take your international credit cards with you and everything will be just fine. How adventurous does it sound to you?

Local Tour

If you are bad at planning, or running out of travel ideas, consider joining some local tours for each day of your trip. Sometimes a local tour could absolutely save your day! Let the tour guide take care of your trip so you can make the most of it. All you need to do is to pay for the tour(s) that you are interested in. That's easy, right?

Package Holiday

Good things come in a package! And that's why most people love to join a package holiday. The best thing about package holiday is you don't need to worry about literally everything. The travel agency sells everything in a package from flight tickets to accommodations and food arrangement to attraction visits. Again, all you need to do is to pay them to do that for you. That's quite fair, isn't it?


Treat yourself a luxury vacation - stay in a resort in your favourite place of the world. Resort travel usually comes with food arrangement and entertainment. It's similar to cruise travel but in land rather than in sea. You get to use their facilities within the resort and enjoy your personal time in a luxury villa. Now, make your dream come true!

Road Trip

Going on a road trip is amazing because you can travel everywhere freely. You don't need to follow a bus schedule, or a tour itinerary. Simply rent a car in your destination and you are good to go. You also get to travel to places that are very difficult to get to by public transports. This is probably our favourite travel style at all time!

Solo Trip

You may have experienced travelling in a group or with a tour, what about travelling somewhere new on your own? Going on a solo trip could be boring, but sometimes it could be fun, too! It is a great opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone. Your trip, your rule! You have the say! You can go anywhere you want to. There's nothing can stop you. How fantastic it is!



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