A-Z Bucket List Ideas to 'KO' before You Die

What will you put into your bucket list? Our list is very simple. We want to travel everywhere in the world, to try every single dish of world's class cuisines, to experience different cultures from various backgrounds. Though it sounds impossible to complete everything before we die; we still manage to come up an A-Z bucket list ideas for you to brainstorm your own list. See if any of them matches yours?

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A | Visit the Arctic Circle

The arctic circle is huge, and it's not easy to get there unless you've come to Rovaniemi, Finland. You will be able to find the real home of Santa Claus and a giant snowman. You will also be able to sign up for a certificate of being in the arctic circle, plus having a chance to take picture with Santa Claus!

B | Drink Beer at Oktoberfest

When you come to Munich, Germany for the world's largest beer festival Oktoberfest, you surely won't leave the country without having a large pint of authentic beer. Have fun, and enjoy it with German dishes such as pork knuckle and curry sausages.

C | Explore Postojna Cave

The Postojna Cave in Slovenia is Europe's largest karst cave. It is dark and very mysterious inside. There is a mini train to take you 2/3 closer to the starting point of the walking tour. What a fun way to explore the cave!

D | Bath at Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is actually not a sea but a salt lake located in between Jordan and Israel. Due to the high density of salt, even if you can't swim, it still makes you float in the lake easily. You should totally give it a go while you are there.

E | Visit Easter Island

This mysterious Easter Island is located somewhere in the middle of South Pacific Ocean. If you have a chance to visit Chile someday and are lucky enough to catch the flight to the island, you should definitely go! The well-known oversized moai statues are everywhere in the island. Make sure you find one before you leave!

F | Be Adventurous in Food

It's absolutely a good idea to be adventurous in trying new dishes and food in your whole life. Wouldn't it be too boring for you if you can only eat the same food over and over again? When you travel to a new place, make sure you try the local food; you may hate it, just like the whale meat we had while we were in Reykjavík, Iceland. But that's the spirit!

G | Observe the Great Geysir

While visiting the Golden Circle in Iceland, you'll be able to see not only waterfalls, but also the Great Geysir that erupts every 5 to 8 minute. Get your camera ready anytime or you'll miss it!

H | Enjoy a Natural Hot Spring

Blue Lagoon is everyone's favourite natural hot spring in Iceland. If you managed to get up and start your session in early morning in winter, you would be able to avoid crowds and enjoy the sunrise yourself. This place is also a spa where it offers you natural silica mud to put on your face and body as a beauty treatment.

I | Join an Island Hopping Tour

When you are in an island city, just like Cebu, Philippines, you should join an island hopping tour to hop on and hop off by a local boat tour. It's probably the quickest and easiest way to travel around the islands.

J | Watch a Jockey Race

Live Horse racing is a fun activity to watch when you are in Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong. It's exciting and super heart-racing to watch a jockey race in the racecourse in person. So if you are lucky enough to get a ticket, don't miss out!

K | Wear a Kimono

Wearing a traditional Japanese kimono is one of the must-do in Japan. You can rent one from local kimono rental company. Choose your favourite pattern to express yourself! It will represent your personality for sure.

L | Visit Lake Bled

This amazing place must have inspired many fairytale storytellers. Lake Bled is a famous attraction in Slovenia. It's never easy to see such fascinating views from the top; be prepared to be climbing up to the top of the mountain for the view you'd die for.

M | Enjoy a Music Concert

Do you like music? If so, a classical concert in Vienna, Austria could be your cup of tea. Buy a ticket to St. Anne's Church in the evening to visit and enjoy a classical concert at the same time. What a wonderful experience!

N | Observe Northern Lights

Someone said you're lucky if you could see Northern Lights in person once in your lifetime. Come to Iceland, or somewhere else within the Arctic Circle will offer you a higher chance to see them easily. Nothing can stop you if you can tolerate the pain from an extremely freezing cold day.

O | Buy a One-way Ticket to Anywhere in the World

How exciting to have just bought a one-way ticket to somewhere around the world! Allow yourself to go to a destination without a plan. Sometimes getting lost in an unfamiliar place is the spirit of travelling.

P | Have a Picnic in Central Park

Central Park is beautiful in every season; no wonder everyone loves to go there and have a picnic with friends and family during summer. Take your basket with your, find yourself a good spot, sit back, relax, and enjoy your sunny day in New York City.

Q | Queue up for Anything Deserved

Life is full of things that could probably just waste our time. However, if you queue up for things that deserve your money and time, it's always worth waiting.

R | Start a Road Trip

A road trip will take you to everywhere you'd like to g