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12 Facts about Keukenhof Garden and its Tulips

Colourful Tulips

It's almost time to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth, Keukenhof garden in Netherlands is open to the public for the next few weeks. You may have known of this flower garden across the Internet and social media, but do you know the interesting facts of Keukenhof and its famous tulips? Read on and let them surprise you!

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1. What does Keukenhof Means in Dutch?

One of the translation of Keukenhof can be a garden of kitchen in Dutch, which refers to the place where people store their herbs and leave in the ancient time.

2. Keukenhof has Opened since the Late 40s

The first flower exhibition in Keukenhof was organised by the mayor of Lisse in 1949 and opens to the public since 1950.

3. The Largest Flower Garden in the World

One of the largest flower garden in the world, Keukenhof, the Garden of Europe, is home to approximately 7 million bulbs of flowers with more than 800 varieties of their best-known tulips, carnations, hyacinths, lilies, orchids and roses.

4. Keukenhof is Only Open Eight Weeks Each Year

From mid March to mid May, Keukenhof welcomes approximately 1 million visitors from around the world within eight weeks each year, every year.

5. Keukenhof Gardeners Plant the Bulbs Manually

They spent almost 3 months each autumn to plant the flower bulbs in a new design to fit the theme manually every year.

6. There is no Long Fields of Tulips in Keukenhof

It's no doubt that everyone would expect a long tulip fields since pictures like that are everywhere across the Internet. But most tulip fields are actually privately owned and you may find them outside the garden.

7. Tulips aren't Dutch Originally

First Tulips were found in Central Asia. They came all the way to Netherlands from Turkey in the 16th century and has become so popular since then.

8. Netherlands is the World's Largest Producer of Tulip Bulbs

Every year there are more than 2 million tulip bulbs exported from Netherlands and this makes their tulips as commonly known as their windmills.

9. Tulips were Once the Most Expensive Flower

Can you believe that tulips were more valuable than most properties in the 16th century? Not many people could even afford a stem of tulip in the past.

10. Tulips are Edible

Most flower petals are edible, so are tulips'. It's fun to know that onions can actually be replaced by tulips in cooking. Now you know, would you like to try?

11. Tulips are Part of the Liliaceae Family

One of the biggest names from the Liliaceae family is the lily, but it also contains things like asparagus, garlic and onions that none of us can even imagine. And this is why tulips can be the replacement of onions.

12. The Secrets of Tulip Flower Care

Tulips only last for about a week in spring without flower food. However, if you trim the stems of fresh tulips, their stem will grow for a bit longer.

Off you go on a trip to Keukenhof and a sea of flowers!

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