Tulip Flower Heaven in Lisse 利瑟的鬱金香樂園

Tulip is the National Flowers in Netherlands

Everyone knows that traditional Dutch windmills are one of the Netherlands' signatures, but do you know their tulips are also as famous as their windmills? We weren't really concerned about their tulips until we found out a botanical garden in Lisse. This amazing garden is called Keukenhof (Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands). It's one of the world's largest flower garden, where you'd be able to see a sea of tulips. It's about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam by train. So if you have a free day off while you are in Amsterdam, you surely wouldn't want to waste your time but to visit this prettiest garden in the world.


相信大家都知道荷蘭最有名的建築一定是他們的風車了,但是你們知道荷蘭同樣也有名的鬱金香花嗎?我們本來其實沒有打算要去看花園的,但是當我們發現了在利瑟的一個植物園,我們就覺得不去不舒服了。這個漂亮的花園叫作庫肯霍夫(地址:Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands),它是世界上數一數二的大型花園,由其你能在裡面看到一大片的鬱金香花海!從阿姆斯特丹的市中心出發大概需要一個小時十五分鐘的車程。所以如果你在阿姆斯特丹,剛好有空檔時間,可以考慮一下來這裡看看喔。

Holland Tulips bloom in Mid April at their Best

We were here in early Spring so there was still a lot of flower that hadn't been blossomed yet. But still, we were still be able to see these beautiful scenes. We would never forget how happy we were to be surrounded by the sea of flowers! We were literally in heaven, a place that we would never forget. There was an exhibition about orchid flower and fashion inside a venue when we were there. You could also purchase flowers there, which we did. We still couldn't believe that we literally bought fresh flower overseas and brought them back home.


我們來這的時候是初春,所以還有很多花還沒有開。雖然是有點可惜,不過我們還是看到了很多美花美景!所以非常肯定花全開的時候一定會更誇張!當時我們還看到了一個花與時裝的展覽,而且在裡面還可以現場買鮮花。我們一不小心就買了一盆⋯⋯ 真的沒想到我們居然會從外地買一盆花回家⋯⋯

What's your favourite flower? We totally fell in love with tulips since the day we saw them!


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