6 Things to Do in Istanbul

What can't you miss when you are in Istanbul? Here's 6 things that you should really consider doing... let's read through and tell me what you'd like to do most?

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There are lots of bazaars around the city centre and you could possibly find everything from snacks to souvenirs. These bazaars are like a massive maze to me so I literally got lost when I was there, especially in Grand Bazaar. If you know how to make a bargain, you would save a lot of money, but if you don't, just leave, I am sure you will be able to find the best deal somewhere else as most of the shops sell the same things!

What to buy :

  • Carpets and rug

  • Turkish Delight

  • Turkish tea and glasses

  • Blue Evil Eye of Turkey

  • Mosaic lamps

  • Ceramics


People take pictures for a reason. And I take picture because I love to keep my memories and make the moments frozen. Remember, try to spot something from an unusual perspectives and you could probably get some amazing shots!

What to capture :

  • Sunrises and sunsets

  • Views from the top

  • Food and drink

  • Selfies


When you are visiting a new place, you are one step away to get to know their own culture. Before I came to Istanbul, I thought Kebab was the only Turkish food on earth... haha! I tried different lots of dishes when I was here and I literally liked everything I had. I miss their food so much.

What to eat :

  • Sütlaç Rice Pudding

  • Turkish Ice Cream

  • Muhtesem Akiskan

  • Kumpir Jacket Potato

  • Turkish Coffee and Tea

  • Kebab


Istanbul is a seaside city so nothing is better than getting on a boat and discover the city by water. The could be the cheapest way to "sightsee" the whole Istanbul and you will also be able to get some nice photos too! You should definitely give it a go!

Where to ride :

  • Eminonu (Turyol)

  • Karakoy (Turyol)

  • Besiktas Iskelesi

  • Ortakoy


If you've got enough time to visit everywhere, just do it. I'm sure you'll never get tired of seeing this beautiful city! There's a lot of mosque here so make sure you wear appropriate clothes for visiting any of them. Queue is everywhere so if you get make it as early as possible that would be great!

Where to visit :

  • The Blue Mosque

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

  • Galata Tower

  • Dolmabahce Palace

  • Ortakoy


Everywhere is within walking distance in the city centre unless you are crossing to the other side of Istanbul. I enjoy walking very much because I can always discover something new and special randomly on streets. Let's see if you can find something unique too?

Where to walk :

  • Sultanahmet Square

  • Galata Bridge

  • Rainbow Stairs

Hope to see you again soon, Istanbul.


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