Istanbul's Best Things to Do & See 伊斯坦堡的景點重點推介

If you want to travel to Istanbul as a tourist like a pro, let's see what you can get from this or that article - from must-go attractions and shopping tips, to luxury travel lifestyle and authentic Turkish cuisine, everything that you should never miss while you were in Istanbul is all right here. Read on and don't miss out!


1. Enjoy Your Time in a Restaurant or Sky Bar with View

Nothing is better than having your meal with a fantastic view of Istanbul, and we've found you 360 Istanbul that serves modern Turkish and global dishes with amazing DJs at the weekend. The atmosphere in there surely adds some points to the restaurant. This place is also a great spot for sunset. You should go there for an early dinner, enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail and take loads of pictures while waiting for your food.

1. 到美景餐廳或天台酒吧享受一下

來到了伊斯坦堡,當然少不了「美食伴美景」這環節了。這家 360 Istanbul 提供現代土耳其和多種不同地方的美食,而且在週末還會有 DJ 現場放音樂。這裡的氣氛絕對是為這地方加了不少分數喔。大家要看夕陽來這裡看就對了!你們還可以來這裡吃個早晚餐,喝一杯紅酒或雞尾酒,然後在等食物來的時候就瘋狂拍照打卡吧!

2. Explore Ortaköy and the Nearby

Ortaköy is a bit far from town and it's ideal to get there by ferry. The pier with a view of a bridge connecting Europe and Asia is very iconic. In the nearby, there are a lot of different small shops and markets, restaurants and food stalls around. Kumpir, a Turkish styled Jacket Potato, is a street food that you can easily found in the neighbourhood. Make sure you try it out before leaving this bustling area!

2. 遊覽奧塔科伊和鄰近地方

奧塔科伊有點偏遠,它並不在伊斯坦堡的市中心,所以你們可以選擇坐船到訪。這碼頭很有名,因為那裡看到了一條連接著歐洲和亞洲的大橋。那裡附近還有很多不同的小店、集市、餐廳和小吃店。必吃的街頭小吃就是 Kumpir 了,它是土耳其版的烤帶皮馬鈴薯,記得離開這地方之前就來一份吧!

3. Buy Your Favourite Souvenirs in Grand Bazaar

You can't travel to Istanbul without having a visit to the biggest market in the World - The Grand Bazaar is literally as big as a maze. Be prepared that you would easily get lost in there! Make a list of things that you would like to buy from there: carpets, mosaic lamps and ceramic coasters are quite popular as souvenir gifts. Oh, don't forget about their signature Turkish Delight, too!

3. 在大巴扎買自己最喜歡的紀念品


4. Take a Trip on the Local Ferry

You should consider taking on a quick trip by the local ferry as one of the sightseeing activities that you can do in Istanbul. Why? The unforgettable experience is the main reason. Not only the ferry ticket is cheap, but also the view is overwhelming! Beside, you get a chance to travel around Istanbul like a local. This is definitely one of the highlights of your Istanbul's trip!

4. 乘坐當地的渡輪觀光一下


5. Have a Piece of Turkish Delight with Tea

It's essential to finish a meal with a small cup of Turkish black tea and a piece of Turkish Delight. They are perfect together since Turkish Delights are always sweet and it's a lot better to consume them with their strong black tea. Try them both after your meal and you will find out how refreshing to enjoy them together!

5. 來一口土耳其軟糖和一杯土耳其茶


6. Visit the Former Church and Mosque - Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia museum is very rich in history since it was a former church, then a mosque, and now a museum. It is very interesting to visit a religious place that was run with two similar yet very different faiths. The place is best known by its massive dome, and its interior is extremely magnificent. Take a closer look or you will miss the fading but meaningful religious painting on the ceiling and tiles.

6. 參觀前教堂和清真寺 - 聖索菲亞博物館


7. Make Your Visit to the Well-known Blue Mosque

Perhaps you might ask: why is the Blue Mosque blue? The mosque is called blue simply because of the tiles inside. The exterior isn't as impressive as the interior. But actually, there's not only blue but it's super colourful inside. You can find their tiles in all sorts of colours, from blue and red to yellow and brown.

7. 不要錯過必去的藍色清真寺


8. Wander Around the Area of Galata Tower

Another shopping area in Istanbul is in Karakoy, where you can find this Galata Tower sitting in the middle of uptown. Great art museums like Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and SALT Galata are very close to each other in the area that you should check them out when you have time. Grab a cup of coffee in some of the local cafes around when you are exhausted after your visits to museums and shopping time.

8. 到加拉塔塔附近走走看看

另一個伊斯坦堡購物勝地就在卡拉科伊,在這裡的中心位置你便會看到加拉塔塔。這附近還有很多不錯的藝術館,例如伊斯坦堡現代藝術博物館加拉塔塔 SALT。走累了你還可以到附近很多本地咖啡店喝杯咖啡休息一下。

What would be your top thing to do in Istanbul?


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