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7 Nice Things to Do in Nice

How nice is Nice? Of course everyone knows it from its name.

Nice is known for sunshine and beaches, giving us a perfect impression of a summer vacation dream. But that doesn't just make Nice any nicer (It's nice anyway!) - there are loads of other things that you should do while you are there. Let's follow us to Southern France and see what nice things you can do in Nice!

Lying on the Beach for the Whole Day in Nice

There is quite a few different beaches in Nice, but Plage de Carras is probably the most popular one since this rocky beachfront has the cleanest water ever; it's ideal for swimming, sunbathing and it's certainly for fun! The best thing to do in there is to lie on the beach for a proper sunbathing for the whole day until sunset. It's comfy, plus the view is gorgeous!

Visiting a Gorgeous History Museum

Musee Massena will take you on a historical tour to a century ago. This museum showcases beautiful French art and artifacts in a preserved setting of a palace. If you are interested in understanding more history of France and Nice, come along and enjoy!

Street shot in Nice, France

Travelling around in Nice on Foot

City attractions are all within walking distance. Everywhere in Nice is walkable. This totally allows you to save some money up for a great meal! You can slow your pace down and look closer to the details of everything around you. So you won't miss out anything nice in Nice!

Looking for the Best Contemporary Art in MAMAC

If you are interested in avant-garde & contemporary art, make your way to Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (MAMAC). It houses a massive collection of art pieces from American and France. This place isn't just made for art lovers; it's also a great place for relaxation. The view from its rooftop is picturesque and totally worth thousands of photos.

Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice, Nice, France

Appreciating the Details of the Basilica of Nice

Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice is a neo-Gothic church in a twin-towers style. Its vibrant and colourful stained glass on the window makes the basilica so much lively. It's not difficult to spot this church and you shall see it when you are in the city centre. We even loved it a lot more when the light's up in the evening. It's simply gorgeous!

View of Nice, France

Observing the Fantastic View of Nice at the Top

Here at the top of Castle Hill, you will be able to find the best stunning view of Nice. The sky was blue; the water was blue. It is like the perfect scene everyone wants for their vacation. This hilltop city park offers jaw-dropping city & ocean views, where you can also find a manmade waterfall and a small cafe for your utmost convenience. Who's up for a picnic there?

# I Love NICE Sign, Nice, France

Taking Picture with # I Love NICE Sign

To make your trip complete, you shall find this sign and take a picture with it. This is very touristy but you surely do not want to leave Nice without having a picture with it. I Love NICE sign is located opposite to the front entrance of Castle Hill. It's placed in front of the beach and sea makes it a perfect photo spot. Save it up as part of your memory from the trip!



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